Vince Neil

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Vincent Neil Wharton (born February 8, 1961) is an American vocalist and musician, best known for being the lead singer of heavy metal band Mötley Crüe.


Well, I just thought to give some company to my Nikki Sixx sim, so here's Vince Neil XD
I'm in a huge Crue-addiction phase, lately, so I thought it was time to come back to this almost ready sim and go for the upload. I couldn't give him his original tattoos, but I went for something that could kinda remind of what he has
Anyway, he was very funny to make, and I hope you'll enjoy him too!

To make him work, install the sim in your SavedSims folder in Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 3. He will appear under the adults section. You need Ambitions for him to work, as he uses tattoos and hair from that expansion pack! Also, custom content is not included, if you want the sim to look exactly as seen in the screenshots, you'll have to download and install it separately. Anyway, it's really recommended that you install at least the non-default skintone (both the skin and the hack for it to show up in game) and the custom sliders.

Random attempt at posing, yay

Custom content used:
-Skintone by Kanno, made non default by Araenna
-Tiffany Glaze default replacement eyes by escand
-Nose contour and tired eyes make up by Arisuka (used the blush version)
-Eyebags by Arisuka (again, no idea of which set exactly, I have all of them!)
-Subtle wrinkles by Arisuka (facemask version)
-Natural lipcolor by Arisuka
-Eyebrows by Hysterical Paroxysm

Clothes, accessories and tattoos
-Jeans by Aikea Guinea
-Ankh tattoo by me. It's the tattoo I put on the chest and it's kinda hidden by the heart design, anyway, it's the more cross-shaped one.
-Dragon tattoo and Aztec tattoo by des-demmonia, taken from their respective sets.
Other clothes and tattoos are all Eaxis ones.
-Earrings by tamo

Mods and hacks used - PLEASE READ:
-Body sliders by jonha (chest size, calf width, leg width, shoulder size used)
-Facial sliders by Ahmad. All of them
-Chin cleft slider by Tum Tum
-Chin to neck slider by Heiret
-AwesomeMod's x2 slider multiplier. Also needed to remove the limit to the number of custom sliders you can have in game. If you don't want to install a huge mod like AwesomeMod, you can still use jonha's hack to remove the slider limit, just follow the instructions on there. Don't try to edit the sim's features if you don't have those hacks, or they'll snap back to default.
-UI Mod by Rez Delnava, needed for the non-default skintone to show up in game. If you don't install it, the sim will show up with black skin.
EDIT: Rez Delnava's mod is outdated. However, the game does recognize non-default skintones and you can still play with them even if you don't have the mod installed: simply, the little window with the tone picking box won't be expanded and, to look at the new skintones installed, you'll have to scroll with your mouse wheel. MTS mods gave more detailed informations on Rez Delnava's mod page.
However, if you don't feel like installing non-default skintones, I also added a version of the sim packaged with default skin

Additional Credits:
Thanks to all the wonderful people in the Creator Feedback Forum who helped me to improve him!
-Huge thanks to Arisuka and her custom content/make up, which always turns out to be very, very useful for my sims :D

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