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An Ornament: six patterns for TS3

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Uploaded: 11th Aug 2020 at 11:15 AM
Just a bunch of pattern I made for TS3 a while ago: I was looking for some nice fabric and paint textures to download, but since I kept stumbling upon a thousand of paywalls, I eventually gave up and decided that I'd better learn how to make patterns on my own

So I'm now offering you a set of six different patterns, two fabric ones and four concrete/paint ones.

The denim and wool patterns can be found under the "Fabric" category in game.

...Then we have a bunch of patterns that can be useful for your build/buy objects: bare concrete, old concrete, uneven paint and grungy plaster. All of these can be found under the "Paint" category.

All patterns have one recolorable channel: the default color for each pattern is depicted in the titled preview (the one with the swatches): grey for denim, wool and old concrete, purple for grungy plaster, red for uneven paint. Files have been compressorized to reduce space.

Additional Credits:
Textures found at textures.com