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Smaller Plumbob Pictures Backlot

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Uploaded: 14th Nov 2010 at 3:15 AM
TLDR: this is the Film rabbithole on a 40x40 lot.

Longer version: So, Late Night is awesome! Except for the problem of ginormous lots. I was monumentally miffed when I found no space to put in the movie lot in Sunset Valley and immediately embarked on a quest for smaller lots and equal superstar-making opportunities for spatially challenged neighborhoods. It appears the movie lot only needs the rabbithole to function, and the smallest size it will fit is 40x40 lot. So I built it. It fits very nicely in multiple places in Sunset Valley, and most probably other hoods as well. There are some sets around the lot too, just to make things interesting.

I playtested: my sim had no problem getting the job, getting tasks out on the town (note that some of those require new Late Night type of buildings to be present, like clubs and bars)or being promoted, and random sims were assigned jobs in the lot just like the game usually does. I didn’t have enough patience to reach the top of the career though , so please if you find that I DID manage to screw something up don’t hesitate to tell.

This is the lot, nestled safely near the Sunset Valley beach (I demolished one of the empty houses to free up a lot).

Those are some of the sets:

There are four total: a garden with a pond, a paneled house, a romantic-looking balcony and a castle wall. Aside from the rabbithole and the sets there’s nothing else on the lot. No CC, no stuff packs used to decorate.

Lot Size: 4x4
Lot Price: 26,524