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Germain Vertical Tiles

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Uploaded: 18th Jul 2011 at 8:39 PM
Since I haven't been able to fine vertical tiles that I've liked, I decided to try my hand at making some. These are based on some real tiles made by Americal Olean. I'm quite happy how they turned out and will probably create some horizontal ones as well.

There are three different sizes and two different styles. All patterns have 3 recolorable channels and can be found under "Tiles".

Shown below in the default colors.

The files are available in one combined package file or in separate package files for you to pick and choose.

vl2 - large, staggered
vl1 - large, stacked
vm2 - medium, staggered
vm1 - medium, stacked
vs2 - small, staggered
vs1 - small, stacked

I was trying to make the tiles more versatile so there is a texture to it that you can change to your liking.

Red - tile background
Green - grout color
Blue - tile texture

The tile on the left has both the red and blue channels as the same color, giving you a solid surface.

Additional Credits:
Mirror from Mid Century Comfort Bedroom Set by Awesims
Shower and Curtain from Mid/Mod Bathroom Set by Awesims
BahHaus windows from Sims 3 Store
Fracional Walls by alexpilgrim