Monk/Nun Part-time Career

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The most recent version of the NRaas Career mod can be found here. You will need this in order for the career to work. See this tutorial for help on how to create your own custom career.

Not exactly recently I uploaded my Priest Career, this Career kind of enhances that by giving Sims the option to become either a Monk (men only) or a Nun (women only). All together they work as one career, however Men will receive titles appropriate to Monks and Women will receive titles appropriate to Nuns

The following show the levels of the Career (remember it's a part time. There's only 4 levels), when they work and how much is paid.

Level 1 - Novice/Postulant M,Tu,W,Th,F,S $15per hour
Welcome to the house of God! You've taken a big step towards your Calling but firstly you must learn to forget your past life and the material world, and spend your time worshipping the Lord. The Almighty watches over you, marking your life for future judgement, so serve His Kingdom well.

Level 2 - Noviate/Rassaphore M,Tu,W,Th,F,S $15per hour
As a Noviate/Rassaphore you have been accepted into God's house. A long period of training is still in order as your devotion to Him is not as firm as some would like, so continue your studies of His word, (you're finally allowed to read a real bible!) to further your understanding and prove your devotion. Understanding is the key here so you'll need to be working on your Logic skill - Good Job Brother/Sister!

Level 3 - Temporary Monk/Stavrophore M,Tu,Th,F,S $15per hour
Your promotion to Temporary Monk/Stavrophore is your final step into God's house. Your first Vows of devotion and poverty have been taken - there's no turning back now! To understand god's greater pan for his Kingdom is some great feat. You'll be needing constant study and tonnes of brain power to figure this one out, so get on the case quickly. But more importantly you must prove your Love for The Lord, for a Brother must truly Believe in his cause.

Level 4 - Solemn Monk/Great Schema M,Tu,F,S $15per hour
Congratulations! As a Solemn/Great Schema you have finally proved your eternal devotion to God the Almighty. Your devout studies and your care for His people have shown that you truly love Him. For now continue your studies, continue your prayers and continue to spread his word, for one day we will all face His wrath.

You'll notice that as they are promoted the Monks/Nuns pay does not increase. I tried to give a good representation of life as a Nun/Monk who are not usually paid but I did find that 15$ per hour was an appropriate amount to keep my monastery ticking over. I have also uploaded a version where the Monks/Nuns do not receive pay so that you could (if you wanted to) run on State Funding.

All the levels of the career are based around just 3 hours of work per day (but not on a Sunday). The Monks/Nuns will work between 2:00pm and 5:00pm at the City Hall where they will be able to participate in general Do-Gooder kind of things such as teaching the children and helping the sick. As you progress through the career more options will become available to the Monks/Nuns. This leaves plenty of time spent outside of the City Hall for Monks/Nuns to be doing other good deeds (whatever they may be).

The career is centered around reading the bible and gaining an understanding of it. Every evening the Monks/Nuns will come home with a Book related to the Bible (similar to medi-journals). The books start out with general "How To"'s about reading the bible and progress through Matthew, Mark, Luke and John and onto the Old testament. Your sims will also need a logical head about them to gain a deeper understanding of God.

Even though it's a part time career Teenagers cannot become a Monk or a Nun (because they can't in real life). The career does not use Uniforms, so dress your Monks/Nuns as you like. The career has been tested but only by myself so if you find any problems contact me ASAP.

Technical Stuff
* All languages will be displayed in English, as I am not a fluent enough speaker to translate. If you are willing to translate it into your language, I am willing to put them into the mod
* As with any custom career you will need Twallans Career Mod: for this to work

To make your own...
Twallan at the ISZ has a great Tutorial for Cutom Careers:

Enjoy... :D

Age: Adult Elder
Career Type: Realistic
Chance cards: None

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