All Bars Serve All Drinks

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Uploaded 17th Feb 2012 at 8:07 PM · Updated 23rd Nov 2013 at 1:53 AM by Princess Artemis : update for 1.63

Want your Sims to be able to order a Woohoo on the Beach and a Deathflower Drops at the local dive bar? Now, through the magic of tuning, they can. This mod makes all drinks available at all professional bars on community lots so aspiring master mixologists are now practical in towns with only one bar.

Now, if you drop a professional bar on any community lot, all drinks will be available as well as several snacks. As of 1.39, an unmodified game would allow some drinks and snacks to be available on most community lots, but it is still an issue where one would need to have an inordinate number of bars to get all the drinks. Some drinks were only available at dog parks or cat jungles. Not good enough!

This will conflict with any mod that alters the Bars XML.

11/22/13: Updated for 1.63
8/7/2013 -- ARGH. Sorry, there was an open tag in the last update that was borking all the bars. It works now.
6/30/2013 -- Update for 1.55
3/5/2013 -- Update for 1.50
1/9/13 -- No change needed for 1.47
11/18/12 -- No change needed for 1.42.
10/10/12 -- Updated to 1.39 -- Now you can get Deathflower Drops without having a vampire bar or putting a bar in a junkyard. Seriously.
8/8/12 -- Updated to reflect changes in the 1.36 patch, rolled together both versions.

Additional Credits: S3PE

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Tags: #bars, #venues, #drinks, #mixologist