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Catherine Bell - Army Wife

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Uploaded: 26th Feb 2012 at 3:19 PM
Updated: 27th Feb 2012 at 6:27 AM
Catherine Lisa Bell (born August 14, 1968) is the first in the series of Army Wives I will be doing.

One of Bell's first modeling jobs was an extended assignment in Japan. When she returned to California, she studied acting at the Beverly Hills Playhouse with Milton Katselas. She was a freelance masseuse whose clientele included singer, Peter Gabriel. She was on the game show, To Tell the Truth, in 1990 where she mentioned that she was a massage therapist (she was one of the imposters on the show, playing an imposter of a body-double named Shelly Michelle). Her first television acting role was one line on the sitcom Sugar and Spice (1990).

In 1996 Bell began her role as Marine Lieutenant Colonel, Sarah MacKenzie, in the series JAG. She continued in this role until 2005, and it became the role for which she is most well-known.

Since 2007 Bell has starred in Lifetime's ensemble drama series Army Wives as Denise Sherwood, the wife of a U.S. Army lieutenant colonel, who endured domestic violence at the hands of her teenage son during the show's first season.

Bell also has recently played the main role in Hallmark's The Good Witch (2008), and its sequels The Good Witch's Garden (2009), The Good Witch's Gift (2010), and The Good Witch's Family (2011); she co-executive-produced all of the movies.

Default face by Ephemera:HERE
Lively Eyes by Shady (Contacts):HERE
Shady brows converted by Daluved1: HERE
Tied back hair by EA - Late Night
Bobbed Hair -Conversion of Coolsims 60 by Savio: HERE


Lashes by Precious Sims: HERE
Blush by EA base game
Cherry Pop lipstick by Elexis: HERE


Casual jeans by EA
Casual top by EA
Takkies by EA
Studded bolero jacket by LorandiaSims3: HERE

If you would like to tweak this sim you should download the followng sliders. Please don't try to change features without them as this will cause the sim to distort.

Ahmed’s facial sliders: HERE
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Crossed Eyes Slider by BloomsBase: HERE This slider allows you to move the position of the eyeball. It works with default and contact lenses.
Face Sliders by aWT: HERE

I also use the indispensable Awesomemod set to 5 for slider flexibility.
Moreawesomethanyou by Pescado: HERE

Additional Credits:
Thank you to the lovely peeps in Creator Feedback Forum for your advice and suggestions and links to eyebrows, which I did download but they didn't show up in my game.