2x Weight and Fitness Integration core-mod by Consort

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Uploaded: 3rd Mar 2012 at 6:59 PM
Updated: 17th Apr 2016 at 1:18 AM

** Still in testing phase, but the mod seems to work well **

What this mod does NOT do:

This is not a Slider Mod!
This mod does not allow you to create custom muscular/fat/skinny Sims in the "Create a Sim" phase of the game.

In order to do that download This file and install "cmar_SkinTonePanel_BodySliders.package"
Full link XCAS core mod: more tattoo locations, edit naked outfit, slider hack, body hair, and more
That part of Cmar's mod is compatible to 1.29, 1.31 and earlier versions.

Another way is the Nraas Master Controller
Explaining how this swiss knife of mods can be used is nicely explained on the NRaas site, for a quick start do this:
While actually playing the game:
Set up 2x Body slider by clicking on your sim, then Nraas/Master Controller/Settings/CAS/Slider Multiple: Body and set it to 2
You can click on any Sim, then click Nraas/Master Controller/Advanced/Edit in CAS to modify the Sim.

What this mod does:

The purpose of this mod is to stop the game from acting up when having fit/fat/skinny Sims that are created by the use of other mods, but it also works on its own.
With this mod installed, Sims can get fatter by overeating, build more muscle mass by working out. It also avoids "snapping" back to standard values for Sims created with other mods such as slider hacks (this also applies to super skinny Sims).
A Sim's weight and fitness (fitness refers to muscle mass, not muscle definition) are usually limited to -1 to +1 by the game, this mod extends the values to -2 and +2 (see attached image). It does not add or remove code, it just adjusts those values.

How the Game is affected:
Sims who do strength workout can get twice as muscular over time
Sims who keep overeating can get twice as fat over time
Obese Sims (weight >1) used to "snap" back to the game maximum of 1 when doing cardio workout, swimming or jogging. This is fixed and they lose weight gradually
Overfit Sims (fitness >1) used to snap back to a fitness value of 1 when doing strength workout. They will now gain even more muscle mass when working out.
It does not seem possible to do cardio until your Sim looks anorexic. Game logic defines that Sims lighter than -0.5 actually gain weight using the treadmill. This is no side effect of the mod but actually happens in the unmodded game as well. Snapping to -1 for superkinny Sims is avoided by this mod however. (big thanks to the brave testers in the forum thread! )

Want to meet 2x Sims in your game?

Just download this household. They are the 6 sims you see in the teaser picture. You can test play them or just drop them in your neighbourhood.

There is no mod required. Install by unzipping and double clicking.

-1 +1 -2 2... what are you talking about??
You know those sliders when you create a Sim? That.
In the standard game they go from left to right, or in other words -1 to +1 in floating point values.

Lower and higher values (like -1.331 or +1.7 for example) are possible and work relatively fine in the game. This mod choses to set the new limits at -2 and +2. That's what we're talking about This mod is NOT a slider hack (they are available elsewhere), this is just for illustration.

A quick word on how Sims 3 deals with Fitness and Weight.

When a Sim is born or created, it gets a genetic value for both weight (how fat it is) and fitness (how big the muscles are). Those are the values you control by the sliders in the basic section when creating a new Sim in the game. These values define the Sim's genetic body shape.
Each sim also has a current body shape. Those are the weight and fitness values you get from doing workouts, jogging, swimming or overeating. However, the Sim will slowly and gradually return to it's genetic shape if it does not do such activities.
This mod allows for more variation of the current body shape, it does not alter the genetic values. For genetic changes you should rely on other mods.

Although all Sims hold information about their body shape, not all Sim-meshes are able to display them:
Babies: All have the standard body shape
Toddlers: All have the standard body shape
Children: Weight
Teens: Weight+Fitness
Young Adults: Weight+Fitness
Adults: Weight+Fitness
Elders: Weight (They can pump iron but their mesh does not change)


Make sure you check your patch level to find out which one to download.
This is a core mod and therefore it is rather likely to be incompatible with other core mods and will definitely not work with game versions other than what the download is labelled as.
It overrides the Sims3GameplaySystems.dll of the original gameplay.package and will not work with any core mods that do the same.

It is however compatible with all scripting mods like the NRaas stuff i'm using, slider hacks and other non-core mods that don't get in the way.

I tested it with the Ambitions addon, english game version.

Again, this is still in testing phase, I'm not sure if it works for everyone, so please let me know!
Feedback is welcome.

Credits have to go to Twallan because he pointed out to me here where in the code to look for the values. Unfortunately that was way before I started reading all that Sims 3 code and playing with it, so in the end I found it independent of his hint

NEW: Mild Edition
Due to popular request. And they have a point
Fitness limited to a max of 1.5, weight stays at 2.0

NEW: Unlimited Edition
Due to popular request.
Current version of "Unlimited" unlocks +/-9 for weight and fitness.

NEW Genetic inheritance fix
This is the classic version of the mod plus a genetic inheritance fix.

Genetic bodyweight from custom made slider-hack-Sims is now properly passed on from parents to kids.
The mod fixes a bug of the original game that gave fit parents "standard" fat kids or fat parents skinny kids and takes out limitations.
It also optimizes weight-inheritance for the -2 to 2 scale so that the game thinks these are normal, legal values.
Just like in the original game, kids can inherit fitness only up to a value of 0.5. If you want them fit, send them to the gym

These changes do not make normal Sims have extreme kids, it simply makes sure that the kids inherit the proper values from their parents.

If you want to help out testing this, please install the mod and have your Sims make some babies! See if they turn out right and let me know
Please note:
-EA game logic defines that body shape is inherited from mother OR father, not both mixed together.
-Overeating and sports are temporary changes, not genetic changes. So, obviously, they can't be passed on to your kids.
Oops I lied! It seems that EA has decided that the momentary weight gets passed on to kids