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Picked Upload!   This is a picked upload! It showcases some of the best talent and creativity available on MTS and in the community.
Uploaded: 20th Apr 2012 at 3:07 PM
This is the former home of Clive Hendricks, simbassador abroad, who wanted a house with elegance and history in which to be diplomatic and influential. Since his tour is now over, he regretfullly puts this 4 bedroom, 4 bath home up for sale. Here are photos of the exterior taken by the realtor:

There is two car garage (it's pretend since this is base game) and plenty of storage space in the attic room. The kitchen garden is now growing hollyhocks, but with seasons it could of course produce food for your sim. Make an offer!

Lot Size: 3x3
Lot Price: 183,037

Custom Content by Me:
- Vase of Flowers wall hanging
- pink stucco with molding
- toy box in red wood
- ancient stone floor
- colonial drape in gold pattern
- colonial drape in chocolate
- tie-back drape in pink
- colonial drape in white
- pale yellow stucco with molding
- ancient stone floor
- white potty chair
- antique red carpet
- Hunting Party Tapestry wall hanging
- braided Mexican rug
- colonial drape in autumn leaf pattern
- toy box in medium wood
- old red rug
- victorian wall paper in rust
- gray flagstone
- red victorian tile wall
- Vase of Roses wall hanging
- beige bathroom tiles
- beige flowery wall paper with wainscoting

Custom Content Included:
- Manor House Climbing Ivy by phoenix_phaerie@MTS
- Manor House Climbing Ivy by phoenix_phaerie@MTS
- Old 'n Grey brick wall by LadyAngel@SimFansUK
- light grey stone pavement by millyana@TSR
- bedside cabinet in brown by LadyAngel@SimFansUK
- cheap mirror in brown wood by LadyAngel@SimFansUK
- Manor House Climbing Ivy by phoenix_phaerie@MTS
- Dark Ember wood floor by LadyAngel@SimFansUK
- Manor House Garden Urn by phoenix_phaerie@MTS
- Manor House Climbing Ivy by phoenix_phaerie@MTS
- Manor House Climbing Ivy by phoenix_phaerie@MTS
- salmon with dark wood panel by millyana@TSR
- quilt bedding straight sheet by aixlachaise@MTS
- quilt bedding brown sheet by aixlachaise@MTS
- Miltonia by macarossi@MTS
- Orchids by macarossi@MTS
- Hollyhocks stockrose 1 by bienchen83@MTS
- Hollyhocks stockrose 2 by bienchen83@MTS
- Hollyhocks stockrose 3 by bienchen83@MTS
- Hollyhocks stockrose 4 by bienchen83@MTS
- Hollyhocks stockrose 5 by bienchen83@MTS
- Hollyhocks stockrosen r01 by bienchen83@MTS
- Hollyhocks stockrosen r02 by bienchen83@MTS
- Hollyhocks stockrosen r03 by bienchen83@MTS
- Hollyhocks stockrosen r04 by bienchen83@MTS
- Hollyhocks stockrosen r05 by bienchen83@MTS
- Hollyhocks stockrosen r06 by bienchen83@MTS
- Manor House Climbing Ivy by phoenix_phaerie@MTS
- dark wood paneling by millyana@TSR