*Obsolete* Toddler Social - Let's Chat

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Uploaded 9th Jun 2012 at 1:12 PM · Updated 23rd Jun 2012 at 9:31 AM by Cherry92 : made obsolete

Toddler chat function is also included in "Todder Interactions", and further addition of toddler-related interactions will be updated there. Downloading the zip file from this download thread simply gives you a html document with a picture, a link to the new "Todder Interactions" thread is included, if you want the "Chat" interaction for toddlers, it's also included there, and there're more new interactions for toddler in addition.
It's safe to use this mod within current patch level, but probably I won't support further change only for this interaction, and if you got "Toddler Interaction", you won't need this one anymore and it's safe to delete this mod.

This mod adds a new interaction between two talkative toddlers! Siblings may socialize and be friends with each other before both of them become children.

Interaction only available if both toddlers learnt talking.
The interaction is autonomous, they will chat when there is someone to talk to.

Possible Conflicts:
This mod probably won't conflicts.

Language Support:
This mod is using original text and does not require any translation.

This mod is built and tested under 1.34 game version, it should works for 1.31-1.33 too.
Animations used in the mod comes from the base game thus no expansion packs are required to use this mod.

Additional Credits:
Thanks to Peter and Inge Jones for S3PE.
Thanks to all writers of general modding tutorials on MTS.

Type: Social Additional Functionality

Tags: #toddler, #baby, #chat, #talk