Harder Romance

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Uploaded: 7th Jul 2021 at 5:18 PM
Updated: 2nd Jan 2022 at 9:06 PM
Mods with custom traits can make saves unplayable if you don’t remove them correctly, so follow the instructions in the Removal section when you want to stop using this mod!
Bugs and Updates

This mod uses the attraction system to make romance make more narrative sense! These changes can make romance a lot harder to achieve and sustain, so you may need to adjust the tuning to your tastes.

Attraction has been altered so that: 1) sims will reject all romantic socials from anyone they don’t find attractive (which will make romance much harder, and may spell the end of existing romantic relationships), 2) most sims with committed partners are unlikely to be attracted to anyone other than their current partner(s) and romantic interests, 3) attraction scores between pairs of sims are updated (at most) every two hours, instead of only when they first meet, and 4) attraction can be asymmetrical (sim A is attracted to sim B, but B is not attracted to A).

All the tunable values in the mod are here. The tuning for types of attraction that exist in the un-modded game has not been changed, so those values aren’t listed, and this mod is compatible with any other mod that tunes those values.

There are two packages in the downloads section, lizcandorAttraction and lizcandorCommon; install both. If you’re using any of my other mods that require lizcandorCommon, only install one version of the lizcandorCommon package: they’re all the same and you don’t need duplicates.

This mod also requires two other mods to function: Arsil's Custom Traits Manager to allow the custom traits to load, and Battery's C# Script Utility for calculating sims' ages.

Before the mod is activated, all it’ll do is prevent its traits from being added to any sims. To activate it, enter the cheat "activateAttraction”. The mod will stay activated when you travel between worlds within a save, but should not carry over between different saves.

To deactivate this mod, enter the cheat "deactivateAttraction” in every world you've visited in each save you’ve activated the mod in. The deactivation cheat removes the mod's custom traits from all sims in the current world; if you don’t do this, your save may not be able to load without the mod installed (see Arsil’s Custom Traits Manager for details).

If you're deactivating the mod but not removing it from your game, you'll still need to quit and restart to fully undo the changes it makes.

This is a pure script mod, and as such it should not conflict with most other mods. There are a few caveats for NRaas Woohooer, though.
  • This mod is compatible with Woohooer v130a (the most recent beta version of Woohooer), but not with previous Woohooer versions.
  • This mod applies extra rules for the acceptance/rejection of romantic socials. By default, Woohooer ignores those rules for woohoo in particular, so that all the woohoo interactions are always accepted; so if you want woohoo to also require attraction, you'll have to change that Woohooer setting.
This mod is compatible with attraction tuning mods, and I recommend using Fentonparkninja’s Retuned Attraction System mod to make the increased difficulty of attraction in this mod more manageable.

And finally, this mod was built and tested on patch 1.69, and may not work on previous patches.

Thank you!
To heaven for the lot used in the photos
To Arsil for the custom trait manager and tutorial
And to MissPat for testing once again!