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60 Lakeside Drive

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Uploaded: 10th Jul 2012 at 2:34 PM

Imagine a world where Modern Homes became the new culture icons of houses. Or maybe a little piece of the 70's! Look at that sexy roof

Well now you can! I mean seriously, you can! Now, you are thinking, what's the catch?! There is no catch, well except one. Your Sim better have a good job, this house that you see is NOT cheap. But think about it this way, your Fortune Sim would be the envy of the town. Walking, and strutting his/her stuff. Plus this house, will have those pesky joggers not only stopping to stretch but to say:

"Holy shizznet! I want!"

So, yes, this house can be your's if you have the green backs.

$243,418 (worth)

You could seriously pass this house down from one generation to the next. You could just kick back, and relax, and realize:

"I gotta an amazing home for my family. And I'll keep it going through generation to generation."

How cool is that?! Now you are probably thinking: "What does this house even have?"

Well, I am glad I can read minds! It has:

3 Bedrooms

4 Bathrooms

A Spaceish Kitchen

Dining Area

2 Patios (One where you can spy on your neighbors. And one to just kick back, and talk about interesting your life is!)

A Pool and Hot Tub (Cozy night in, or a nice pool party)

But that's not all! So come to the open house, and realize that your dream house (or close enough) is right here!

((Some reactions to the house, may vary from one to the next. Personal experiences may vary.))

Lot Size: 3x4
Lot Price: $243,418

Additional Credits:
annoainthere: What can I say about her? Well, for starters she kept the house real, and kept it to the way I imagined it. Lets put it this way, she tweaked the house A LOT. So, you can say this is our baby (do not take it in the wrong way.) Also, she helped me through a lot of the pain through every single rejection. And kept me positive. Thanks to her, I am smiling, and realizing that I shouldn't give up. Thank you so so so so so so much, annoainthere. Your an amazing friend

Fivey: This girl, may have not gave me feedback. BUT she was certainly there for me, when I was down. And wanted to give up. But she pushed me to be positive (just like annoainthere). So, Fivey, thank you, for keeping and pushing to be positive

joandsarah77: Thank you hun, for keeping me positive, and also giving me amazing feedback. It does mean a lot. Thank you, Jo.

karen lorraine: Thank you for your amazing feedback

Sparkleycookie: Thank you for your amazing feedback

TotallySimsCrazy: Thank you for your awesome feedback

malfoya: Thank you for your awesome feedback