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"Glazing Annabelle" - Contacts for everybody

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Uploaded: 15th Aug 2012 at 6:54 AM

I wanted to make moar contacts after the unexpected success of my previous ones, so I took my time to make something better looking! I made a smaller iris (no more huge eyed creeps!) and an actual recolorable sclera. Not a halfarsed alpha

These contacts are inspired by a new drawing I made a few days ago, and the drawing was based on an OC (original character) of mines Annabelle Heldrid.

I asked the people on Tumblr about the name, but despite all of the wonderful suggestions I ended up making my own title. That's why it's terrible

Tip: For maximum quality, it is suggested to use the HQ mod by awt (though I have used it in middle settings, so these contacts can be more HQ :D)

Important information:
- These are contacts, not defaults! They won't replace anything in-game
- They are available for both genders and all age groups
- 3 recolorable areas - Iris, shine and sclera (whites)
- Handpainted texture

Please don't redistribute!

CC Credits:

Additional Credits:
Creation Chat people for feedback and suggestions on the pictures
Tumblr people for name suggestion
Something that motivated me to do contacts :D