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Supernatural Pictures Do Not Become Scary/Ugly At Night

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Uploaded: 15th Sep 2012 at 6:50 PM
Updated: 17th Nov 2012 at 11:57 PM
**This mod is an image override, therefore I can 99.99% confirm compatability with patch 1.42. This mod modifies files that come directly from the Supernatural DVD/download and not any file in the base game (ie the code/tuning that gets patched) therefore your patch version should never affect it**

This mod overrides the eleven 'changing pictures' that arrived with the Supernatural expansion. Therefore, it requires the Supernatural expansion to work.

The idea is that the images that you see in the Buy Catalog no longer change into their night versions which are generally scary, ugly or no longer match the decor.

The images that currently change at night are:
Binary Betty Portrait
Comforts of Home
Commonwealth Court
Cowboy Angel
Dark Arcadia
Everglow Academy
Finding Peace
Midnight Maddy
Photograph of Hiram Samuel Maddox
Portrait of Miranda Glauer
The Visitors

Two full versions of the mod are included.

The MF version which includes a full replacement for the object image & the images in the MoonlightFallsObjectCache. This means that any pictures that EA have placed in their original "out of the box" Moonlight Falls will also not change at night, aswell as any new ones you have place out of catalog.

The NonMFOnly version will only affect images that you place out of catalog. I have included it because the file size is much smaller which is a major advantage to anyone who is not going to play in Moonlight Falls at all.

I strongly recommend downloading the MF version for anyone who isn't 100% sure that they never want to play in Moonlight Falls.

Separate individual packages of both versions of the image overrides are included, as I feel some of the night versions are considerably more pleasant than others, so that you can pick any combination of images to replace.

It is very important that you delete the caches in the your "The Sims 3" folder found in your documents before the first time you use this mod. Otherwise the images will not regenerate & you will still see changing night images. You only need to do this once.