Nellie Kessler

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Uploaded: 12th Nov 2012 at 4:01 PM
Strong and independent, this woman knows what she want in her life. She is going by her father steps and want to become CEO of mega corporation. She doesn't spend money on the things she doesn't need, and often clip coupons from newspapers. She likes nature and she grow her own fruits and vegetables. It relaxing her from her job in the office. She is family oriented and want a big family some day.

Traits - ambitious, frugal, friendly, family oriented, loves outdoors
Lifetime wish - CEO of mega corporation


Skin - hairy skin by navetsea, mts
Hair - savio's cazy hair mesh 20 fix by anubis
Eyebrows - default replacement brows by simple life


Eyes- watercolour contact by elexis, mts
Eyeliner - sweet eyeliner by emmzx, mts
Lipstick - cotton candy lipstick by elexis, mts
Freckles - freckles part 2 by vasilla
Eyelashes - eyelash set 1 by s-club


Everyday outfit - Long term inVESTment from the store
Shoes - Meridia 3d ankle sandals by elexis, mts


Lip shape slider by hermi
Chin width slider by gnatgosplat, mts

This sim is packaged without custom hairstyles or non-default skins

Additional Credits:
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