Cheap and Silly Transport for Crazy/Slobby Sims: The Bathroomobile

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Uploaded: 18th Mar 2013 at 3:10 AM
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This is a Sims 2 conversion of my Sims 3 Bathroomobile uploaded here: . I had numerous requests for a Sims 2 conversion, so I hope other TS2 players will find this a bit of fun too.

I felt like making a just plain silly vehicle, and the result was the Bathroomobile, sort of a 'toilet bike' and 'bathtub sidecar', and the name being sort of a play-on-words of Batmobile, only with added toilets.

My eccentric inventor sim-self and her robot pal scraped together 400 simoleons and purchased a used bathtub, a used toilet, four used trolley wheels, an old steering wheel, a rickety old garden chair, a small but powerful 2-stroke lawnmower motor which they cleverly installed inside the toilet tank (for what fuel the engine uses, see here: ) and a bunch of grubby old wooden poles to put it all together on a chassis, and this is now their ride. They even threw in a crudely-carved and badly handpainted rubber ducky (because they couldn't afford to buy a real one) as a hood ornament.

It's found in the Vehicles category and costs 400 simoleons, a mere snip at just the cost of the parts.

By default, the MESH file comes with all-white matching toilet, bathtub and garden chair.The six recolours, as well as the all-white theme, comprise: 1) a lovely pink bathtub and baby blue toilet with brown wood chair, 2) a 1970s-style 'Avocado Suite' green toilet and tub, 3) a Shabby Chic version with a dainty lace-print bathtub, Victorian-print toilet, and flower-decalled wooden chair, 4) a snazzy Steampunk-themed paint job, and 5) a cheerful hippie version with flower-power bathtub, purple crushed velvet toilet finish, and hot pink wooden chair.

(Please note that this 'car' is for silliness purposes only and is not intended to be realistic in any way, including conforming to any laws of physics or indeed how any functioning vehicle actually operates.)

My sim-self went for the Steampunk-graphics paint job:

The hippie version is fun to see around town and comes with the added feature of a peace sign handpainted onto the front of its steering wheel:

For night driving, the rubber ducky lights up like a bright fiery ball visible from space, and the red stuck-on reflector on the back of the toilet reflects quite fiercely:

This vehicle is cloned as a sports car so that it will only show two sims since there are only two seats. You can put a whole household of sims in it, it's just that any others beyond two will simply not show.

You must of course have the Nightlife expansion to use this.

Recolouring: Feel free to recolour this item if you want to. Just extract the all-white texture from the MESH file and it's best if you just recolour the toilet, bathtub and chair, as they are the easiest to see and to work with, and leave the rest alone as an overlay, as the map is very crowded and those extra bits are not ideally mapped. My only request is that if you want to upload your recolours, please only upload them here to MTS, and give a link back to this page.

Thanks for looking, hope you'll find this a bit of a laugh!


Unzip the .zip file and just copy the .package file(s) of your choice to your Documents\EA Games\The Sims 2\Downloads folder. You must install the MESH file, and then you can choose to either install all of the recolour files or just some of them.

Polygon Counts:

Additional Credits:
Made using SimPE, Photoshop and Milkshape.

Patterns used on Shabby Chic and Hippie versions are from

Bathtub, toilet, rubber ducky and chair are TS3 base game items.

Thank you to HugeLunatic for advice on slots and groundshadows, and Phaenoh for advice on groundshadows.

Sim-Self's hair is by Flora at XMSIMS:

Hippie outfit is an old TS2 Store outfit