Sim Game Selector 3.0 Support for "Into the Future" and "Movie Stuff"

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Uploaded: 29th Mar 2013 at 4:52 PM
Updated: 27th Nov 2013 at 2:43 PM by Nysha
A very simple and easy to use Sim Game Selector. Recently I bought all the sim EP's and found myself wanting only to launch a subset of the games. This program provides a very easy to use game select and launch.

To use this program, simply unzip the package to your desktop or to any subfolder in Windows and double click on the SimGameselector.exe program. Click yes to allow the program to make changes to your computer as this program does make changes in order to hide or uncover your installed EP's and SP's to your Sims 3 game launcher.

This program will detect all your Inatalled Expansion and Stuff Packs and will display them in a single iconic page for you to select or de-select a game for launching. You do not have to install the program, nor do you need to run it from a special directory.

Once the Sim Game Selector is launched, simply choose or unchoose the Expansion Packs or Stuff Packs Sim Games that you wish to have installed/not installed (note this game selector does not uninstall your game as it simply hides the game from Sims 3 launcher.) Once you have made your selection, you can either launch Sims 3 from the game selector itself (big launch button) or click the save menu selection and click on the x to exit and start up the Sims 3 game from outside the program.

The games that you selected are shown in the original icon colors and the games that you un-selected will be shown in grey; thus if you only want to play World Adventures, click on the remaining icons until all of icons are grey except for World Adventures; then click on the big Launch button at the bottom.

Optionally you can right click on any of the game icons to launch only that one sim game (along with the base sims 3), such as if you only want to play World Adventures Only, right click the World Adventure icon to bring up a pop up menu and click on launch World Adventure. You can also right click the big launch button too, which allows you to play only the base game without any EPs or SPs.

Uniqueness of this program is that it supports selecting all the latest EPs and SPs. in comparison to many versions that don't. Also because it doesn't create or delete any EA game directories, create a world and all mods are compatible with this sim game selector. This program is a sstand alone companion program to your Sims EP's and SP's making your launch time quicker by not having all the EPs and SPs installed everytime you play.

Update: Latest version 1.01 now includes Restore under the Save menu. This feature guarantees that you will never lose an EP/SP link due to programmer's negligence Also thanks to MaxQBaker and his testing, the latest version supports x86 (32bit) windows 8 as well as x64. Thank you all for your testing and reporting. I am happy to say that the latest version is super clean in programming due to having to making it x86 compatible.

Update: Newest Version 2.2 now supports Island Paradise and contains the arbitrary version number (greater then the last version of 1.01) in help. Otherwise nothing else has changed. Program has been very stable since initial release and if you have any problems such as having to use the task manager to cancel simgameselector, use the save function and exit simgameselect… and just use the sims 3 game launcher instead. Launching your sims game from SimGameSelector was only a convenience and is not required. Once you have saved your selections it remains the default until you re-select your games and save again.

Update: Latest Version 3.0 now supports Movie Stuff and the EP "Into the Future".