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Celesta Lunette

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Uploaded: 19th Jun 2013 at 11:55 AM
Updated: 19th Jun 2013 at 6:27 PM

Celesta Lunette... the name itself suggests an otherworldly being, which is exactly what Celesta is. Celesta is from the planet Kyron, a small celestial body unnoticed by the rest of the galaxy, which Celesta is perfectly okay with. She's always been rather shy, which is why it came as a huge surprise when she announced to her family that she was packing her things and relocating to the planet Earth. When her family questioned her motives, she simply answered that it felt right. Well, she had had a reason, but she had forgotten it as soon as the question came up... as usual. And despite her cheery outer core, Celesta's mind has always been curious in a dark sort of way, and sometimes she just can't help but wonder about the deeper things in life.
Celesta's real goal in life is to be a Fashion Phenomenon, and to run her own fashion magazine, which she couldn't do on her home planet. Kyron only has "practical" professions, such as medical and scientific careers. Celesta hopes to break free of this and start a chain reaction by moving to Earth.

Traits: Absent Minded, Brooding, Shy, Savvy Sculptor, Neat
Lifetime Wish: Fashion Phenomenon

*Sim is packaged with default skin*

Skin: Galactic Sandstorm by Miss Skitty (PRETTIEST SKIN EVER BTW.)
Eyes: Assorted Sci-Fi Eyes by Esmeralda
Eyebrows:Perfect Eyebrows by daluved1
Hair: by MyBlueBook

Jawline Rotate and Jawline Height by aWT - Jawline Width, Chin Width, and Eye Stretch by bella3lek4 - Chin Width by GnatGoSplat - Upper Lip Slider by Sage - Lip Shape Slider by Hermi

Everyday: Oh Boy! Dress by Juliana
Formal: Pure Intuition Dress by Anubis
Swimwear: Sophie Bikini by Ace Creators (Juliana)

Hope you guys like her!