50th Anniversary Upload - Adopt me! Yogi-Tea (No CC)

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Uploaded: 1st Jun 2013 at 3:21 PM
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"I have never met my parents nor any other person that looks like me. I grew up in several children's homes around Sunset Valley. The other kids used to pick on me because of my green skin and my long ears. I grew slower than the other children and even though I had not been ready to be on my own I was told to leave the children's home at the age of 18.

Not knowing where to go and what to do I stayed in town for a short while. I kept my head above water with singing for money and also earned some Simoleons with gardening. Years later I started to travel around and to explore other countries off the beaten tracks.

It was rather by pure chance that 1 met that old lady in a gypsy wagon. She invited me in and we had a long chat over a cup of tea. She told me that my face reminded her of someone else she had met a long time ago and after a swift search in a small wooden box she showed me a picture. It was a picture of a tiny character with green skin and long ears...

The old lady couldn't tell me his name but she said the picture had been taken on Coruscant, a city planet in a galaxy far, far away. This is where I want to go now. I need to know if there are more people like me out there..."

  • brave
  • disciplined
  • genius
  • loves the outdoors
  • perceptive

Lifetime Wish:
  • Perfect Mind, Perfect Body

  • Food: Stu Surprise
  • Music: Indie
  • Color: Lime


No Custom Content and no Store Items were used to create Yogi-Tea. For the outfits only EA items from the Base Game and the named expansion packs were used (detailed list see below). Items not mentioned here are from the Base Game.

Required & Optional Expansion Packs:
  • World Adventures (optional for outfits)
  • Night Life (optional for hairstyle)
  • Pets (optional for outerwear shirt)
  • Seasons (sliders used for the sim)
  • Supernatural (sliders used for the sim)
Edit 2013-06-06: DOLCE_VIDA kindly tested this sim without having Seasons installed and the sim still looks like on the pictures (pls. see post in the comments). So you may use this sim for your game even if you do not have Seasons and/or Supernatural installed to your game. Just make sure to have the latest game patch installed. Please report if this should not work for you. Thank you.

Created / Saved / Playtested with Game Version

Additional Credits:
A huge "Thank You" to the Admins and all the Moderators here at MTS who keep the site running. Thank you for hosting my creations and for being so helpful and patient if my uploads require some changes (I had received quite a lot of those messages from you in the past). I have always appreciated your feedback because it helps me to improve the quality of my creations and uploads.

Last but not least- Thank you
cmomoney for the Pose Player
Eternila for the “With Style!“ - Pose Pack
ForeverHailey for the Twilight Saga Pose Pack no. 1 and no. 3 and also for the Charlie's Angels Pose Pack
RayneHeaven for the Show Style Posepack by Rayne