White Stone City Community Lots: Part 1

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After I decided to make Camelot, I knew I had to keep going. After all, a Castle can't sit on its own.

To be honest, I actually went further than a few lots, I made an entire world in CAW (which before you ask, I won't be sharing since its so full of routing errors and niggles it will never be good enough to post).

Two of the first lots I created after the Citadel were these. The White Stone Barracks and The Hall of the People.


Together with the Citadel, they form the majority of Camelot's 'Upper Town', with its pristine white stone walls, turrets, towers, fortified walls and royal banners.

In my world, they sat either side of the Citadel on the top of a cliff (sheer on three sides, gently sloping inland on the third), which is why the lots are the shapes they are.

::White Stone Barracks::

Containing the Military Base Rabbit Hole Rug and facilities for Knights and soldiers to eat, drink, sleep, keep clean and train.

Ground Level - Training Area, Stabling, Storage
First Floor (foundation) - Sleeping Quarters, Mess Hall, Armory and Military Base Rabbit Hole Rug.
Second Floor - Commanders Office.

Lot Size: 40 x 40
Lot Value (Furnished): 171,965
Lot Value (Unfurnished): 110,513

::Hall of the People::

The centre of governance and the maintenance of law and order containing City Hall, Police and Mausoleum Rabbit Hole Rugs.

Basement Level - Dungeons with six cells (Townies do occasionally sleep down there which I didn't expect! They were meant to be toilets!) Mausoleum Rabbit Hole Rug (because its the dungeons... not exactly a place of rainbows and ponies!)
Ground Level - Well, Stabling, Entry Gates, City Guard Office (Police Rabbit Hole Rug) Access to Dungeons. Library. Clerk's Office.
First Floor (Foundation): Guild Hall (with bar), Great Hall (with City Hall Rabbit Hole Rug)
Second Floor - Not entirely accessible and with no really usable areas. It does however have two Tower Cells, with unfortunate inmates. (Unfortunate in that I think someone forget they were there.)

Lot Size: 50 x 25
Lot Value (Furnished): 143,594
Lot Value (Unfurnished): 89,864

:: Free Custom Content Required ::
(The content this just won't be right without.)

Rabbit Hole Replacement Project by Raven Shadow
Romanesque Connecting Column Arches Set (1 story) by TheJim07 (White Stone Barracks Only)
Romanesque Connecting Column Arches Set (2 story)by TheJim07 (Hall of the People only)
3 New Railings by Armiel
CAST Yourself a Chimney by Armiel
Ye Olde Stake Fence by Flabaliki (White Stone Barracks Only)
Medieval & Gothic Doors, Arches and Windows from Simworld(White Stone Barracks Only)

::Store Custom Content Required::
(The content this just won't be right without.)

The Complete Castle by Castle Kits, Inc.
Gothique Window

::Free Custom Content Recommended::
(The Content which just adds to the feel)

Medieval Plumbing – Ye Olde Kingdom of Pudding by The Merrye Makers
The Medieval Kitchen Part 1 - Ye Olde Kingdom of Pudding by The Merrye Makers (White Stone Barracks Only)
Budget Bathroom by Lisen801
Medieval Armoury Part 2 by Hekate999(Hall of the People only)
Medieval "must haves" New meshes/Medieval Challenge (Tapestries) by Nanisim(White Stone Barracks Only)
Smithy Set by Qingshuang Tongzi at MTSims Cakestore (This page is in Chinese - The the URL is also Chinese characters. If your browser cannot translate the code, you may be dropped to "page does not exist" page on the site. Go to the top, click Sims 3, then next to Objects you will see page numbers. The smithy Set can be found on Page 2)

::Store Custom Content Recommended::
(The content which just adds to the feel)

Full Interior Castle Set
Gothique Library
Gothique Armour

Chamber Door is not available to download as an individual item but comes instead as part of Hidden Springs This is an entire world, and simpoint heavy. If you'd rather not spend that much, its not exactly the end of the world.

::Credits & Acknowledgements::

Thanks obviously to the makers of all the custom content. I'm not going to thank Maxis et-al for the store content, I paid for it, that's thanks enough.

Lot Size: 5x3
Lot Price: 89,864 - 171,965

Number of bedrooms: Not Applicable
Custom Content Included: None
Furnishings: Fully Furnished
Special Flags: Not Applicable

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