Clowning University Major/Clown School

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Uploaded: 3rd Nov 2013 at 1:03 AM
Updated: 23rd Nov 2013 at 10:03 AM - typos
Basic Info:
  • You need the University Expansion Pack, because it's a Uni major.
  • During the creation process, I pressed the "Set to default language" button in SimPE. [ And commited my changes, fixed my integrities and saved the results, so you have no worries. ]
  • This major may have been cloned from Drama, but it absolutely has its own GUID and will not overwrite a default Maxis career.
  • Creativity, Mechanical, Charisma and Body skills will get your sims far in the world of clowning. Or at the very least, it'll ensure that your sim can get the highest grade possible, which is a Summa Cum Laude. So long as they actually show up for class/do the assignments, of course.
  • This career is EP compatible and will not crash your game, this is the original and fixed BCON version that was made with Nysha/Whiterider's tutorial on this website,
  • This career requires Frika C's "Majors Made Easier" Uni flags, the link in the blue box is either old or broken, so I'll link you to it.
  • This career has been tested with twojeff's College Adjustor, available at Simbology.
  • As this is a custom major, it will not show anything in the "Ideal Careers" slot and for some reason, the diploma will read "Undeclared". Tried to fix this for a few weeks, before I realized that other peoples' custom majors were behaving the same way. If you know of some fix to at least the diploma though, that'd be super fantastic.

Additional Credits:
  • Nysha/Whiterider and her custom Uni major tutorial
  • SimPE
  • Paint.NET
  • The internet
  • twojeffs for his College Adjustor
  • Maxis/EA