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Mirror Windows - One-way Mirror

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Uploaded: 3rd Dec 2013 at 4:40 PM
These windows allow to see and don't be seen because they have a mirror side and a transparent glass side:

They come in 3 parts:
a single window (straight and diagonal)
a left side frame (straight and diagonal)
a right side frame (straight and diagonal)

They are particularly useful in the construction of commercial and company offices.
The glass side, the mirror side and the frame are recolorable.
The glass side and the mirror side share the same recolors, so if you recolor the glass side, the mirror side will be recolored with the same color, and vice versa.

Note: if you place a one-way mirror window opposite to another, the first window reflects the inside of the other window, and vice versa.

The package file called DP - One-way Mirror-Window is the master file to recolor glass&mirror.
The package file called DP - One-way Mirror-Window_Lframe is the master file to recolor the frame.

The standard color for glass&mirror and for the frame is the Gray.
Then I've created 35 recolors both for glass&mirror and for the frame; you can see all the recolors in the screenshots above (the pictures have been captured on the mirror side). In the screenshots you can also see an octagonal building that has all the 36 colors of the windows.
The rar file called Frame colors (it's optional) includes the textures I've used to recolor the frame; the colors used to recolor the frame are the same I've used to recolor glass&mirror (but obviously glass&mirror and the frame have different subsets and you can recolor them separately).

These windows have been originally created by Atavera, you can find the starting creation here; I've reworked them creating the diagonal meshes of the 3 windows and adding the possibility to recolor also the mirror side.
These windows use own GUIDs that are different from the starting creation, so they don't override and/or overwrite anything.

Catalog Location: Build Mode / Doors and Windows / Windows
Name (in English):
One-way Mirror
One-way Mirror (Left Side Frame)
One-way Mirror (Right Side Frame)
Name (in Italian):
Finestra a specchio
Finestra a specchio (Telaio sul lato sinistro)
Finestra a specchio (Telaio sul lato destro)
Price: §110

English US (standard)

No one, this mod needs only the Base Game (tested with the AnyGameStarter).

You are free to do what you want with these windows: you can clone the packages, recolor the windows, add them inside a lot. But for any use you do with them, you have to credit me (for this mod) and Atavera for the starting creation.

Polygon Counts:
Glass: 2 Faces - 4 Vertices
Mirror: 2 Faces - 4 Vertices
Frame: 12 Faces - 24 Vertices

Additional Credits:
Atavera for the starting creation.
This tutorial by IgnorantBliss on how to add a subset to an object (and make it recolorable).
This tutorial by HugeLunatic on how to make objects recolorable.
The AnyGameStarter by Numenor that has helped me to test the mod.
The creators of SimPE and the staff of MTS2.