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Basic Dining for TS2

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Uploaded: 17th Dec 2013 at 11:35 AM
Updated: 18th Dec 2013 at 12:49 PM
A sims2 version of my Basic dining set for Sims3. The table and chairs are included in the basic dining file and if anyone wants to recolor the table there is a psd in the tablerecolor.rar. Both parts share the same texture file - top recolors the top and sidepanel. Small extra feature is the centre deco slot.

All game files are compressorised

More Recolours?

If you would like more recolors of the chair and table there are OODLES on leefish - which is why I did not include the chair psd
More ChairRecolours
Lack Recolours
AL Recolours

Screenshot credits: Klaartje for the fish painting, Sailfindragon for the wooden floor.

Additional Credits:
MTS, SimPE, leefishers and fanseelamb who makes simming fun.