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Savory Sweets UPDATE: Cupcakes and Edible Gingerbread House (Ready to serve)

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Uploaded: 19th Dec 2013 at 10:09 PM
Updated: 6th Oct 2015 at 2:43 AM
Here is a treat for all of the sim bakeries and sim families out there. This time around, I've managed to come about with more sweets. UPDATE: If you have already installed this into your game, you will have to reinstall it it again due to me updating the Gingerbread House. You don't have to uninstall the old file. Just override it with the new one.

1. Savory Sweet Cupcakes- These cupcakes are ready to be served and devoured. You will have 3 plates of cupcakes in 3 different flavors; Red Velvet, Chocolate, and Vanilla. These cupcakes are great for sim parties, guests, and quick family treats.

UPDATE 2. Edible Gingerbread House- Every wished your sims could make a snack out of the gingerbread house made for the holiday package? Now, your sims can pull a fresh gingerbread house straight from the fridge! This gingerbread is sweet and rests on top of a small hill of vanilla ice cream.

All of these sweet platters were made from cloning the gelatin and will not override any previous files that already comes with sims2 or collected files. The Savory Sweets have their own tab. You will find it in the fridge menu and it will read, "Savory Sweets".

Additional details:

Poly Count.......

*Savory Sweets Cupcakes

Null Model=1
Eat= 288
In plate-550

*Edible Gingerbread house

Null model=1
Eat =504
Serve= 168
In plate= 766

Additional Credits:
Adobe Photoshop, SimPE, Milkshape 3D, and Yahoo images