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Erin Eyes (Default, Geneticized & Townified or Custom)

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Personal Picked Upload! This is a personal favourite of the creator!
Uploaded: 2nd Jan 2014 at 9:22 PM
Updated: 11th Jan 2014 at 3:58 PM by supersimoholic - Updated with Defaults.
Added two flavours of Defaults.

Row 1: Classic
Brown - Darker Coco Brown
Dark Blue - Dark Blue
Light Blue - Light Blue
Green - Medium Green
Grey - Medium Grey

Row 2: Redux
Brown - Darker Coco Brown
Dark Blue - Medium Honey Brown
Light Blue - Medium Blue
Green - Medium Green
Grey - Medium Hazel

You can only have ONE set of defaults. You must remove any current defaults you have if you wish to use one of these. Thank you.


Added another file containing Geneticized & Townified versions of the eyes.

Recessive (Value 2) | Somewhere Between (Value 1.5) | Dominant (Value 1) | Super(ish) Dominant (Value 0.5)


My first attempt at an eye set! First of all, I need to say thanks to lidiqnata and Nouk for their help in Creator Feedback!
Secondly, I have a promise for you, that I will soon have matching Supernatural eyes too. And as soon as I learn how and have the spare time, I'll genetisize and towniefy these eyes!

Row 1: Light Blue, Medium Blue, Dark Blue,
Row 2: Light Grey, Medium Grey, Dark Grey,
Row 3: Light Green, Medium Green, Dark Green,
Row 4: Light Hazel, Medium Hazel, Dark Hazel,
Row 5: Light Honey Brown, Medium Honey Brown, Dark Honey Brown,
Row 6: Light Coco Brown, Medium Coco Brown, Dark Coco Brown,
Row 7: Darker Honey Brown, Darker Coco Brown, Nouk Brown,
Row 8: Blue Brown, Grey Brown, Green Brown.

Additional Credits:

CC used in images:
Skintone - "Canvas" by Fantasyrogue
All Make Up - Bruno
White Model's Hair: Raonjena
Asian Model's Hair: Raonjena
Black Model's Hair: Nouk