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Sam Trammell

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Uploaded: 3rd Jan 2014 at 10:40 PM
Look! A "True Blood" cast member that isn't Alexander Skarsgard!

About the Actor

Sam Foote Trammell is an American actor best known for his role as bartender, Sam Merlotte, in the HBO series, "True Blood". He was born Janurary 29, 1969 in New Orleans. He attened Brown University, first studying physics and philosophy, but later switching to semiotics. Instead of attending graduate school, he moved to New York and worked his way into theatre, performing both on- and off-Broadway as well as in independent feature films.

About the Sim

CC Used
Sliders Used
Store Content Used
EP/SP Content Used
  • Late Night: Everyday Pants, Formal Shoes, Outerwear Top, Outerwear Pants
  • Supernatural: Formal Pants
  • University Life: Athletic Pants
  • World Adventures: Athletic Shoes

* This sim is package with default EA skin.

** IN3S's site no longer exists. Provided link is an alternate download site.

*** All the download links on #aWT's site are broken. Provided link contains all of #aWT's sliders. You will need aWT_HACK_BONESLIDER_EyelidsWidth.7z, aWT_HACK_GEOMSLIDER_Mouth-UpperLipSliders.7z, awtmk-ts3-slider-browdepth.7z, and awtmk-ts3-slider-jawline.7z

The following things were used in the photographs, but are COMPLETELY OPTIONAL.
Additional Credits:
- Thanks to the "usual suspects" in #CFF - SimmyRN, Tigerdyhr, Heaven, HystericalParoxysm. (I'm sure I'm forgetting someone!)