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Nicki Garner [Revised Version]

1,673 Downloads 47 Thanks  Thanks 14 Favourited 8,752 Views
Uploaded: 6th Mar 2014 at 8:09 PM
Updated: 3rd Jun 2014 at 11:10 AM
This Sim is saved in NavetSea Normal Edition Skintone default Replacement skin as it shown in the image.

Nicki is a one shot star quality a rise, she loves to swim and to read many books and also loves to mingle with any families around.
Take care of her

Sim Traits:
Loves to Swim
Star Quality

Lifetime Wish:
Lifestyle of the Rich and Famous

Food: Hot dogs
Music: Pop
Color: Spice Brown

Eyebrows Slider: Outer Brow Slider by Brnt Waffles
Eye Lashes Slider: S-Club
Facial Sliders: Ahmad
Cleft Chin:TumTum

Hair: Peggy Hair 530 retextured by anubis
Eyebrows: High Eye Brows Set by Brnt Waffles
Eye Lashes: Eye Lashes Set 2 by S-Club
Lipstick: Dry Lips by IN3S
Skin: Normal Edition Default Replacement Skin by NavetSea
Eye Contacts: Miss L Eye Makeup Set By Breyete

Everyday: Pure Intuition ~ Assymetrical Layered Dress By Anubis

*The rest of her clothes are from various EPs/SPs.
*note that IN3S website is no longer active,so THIS link shows her/his remaining stuff you can download it there credits to IN3S.

Additional Credits:
Thank you for stopping by and to those CC I used. And also for the people who give me tips on how to create a sim.