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Brush The Bad Taste Away (NO LONGER UPDATED)

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Uploaded: 23rd Dec 2014 at 1:54 AM
Updated: 24th Oct 2017 at 4:10 AM
NOTICE 10/23/2017: After a falling out with EA's community management, I have deleted my Origin account and have retired indefinitely from The Sims. I guess you could say EA left a bad taste in my mouth I couldn't brush away.

I am retired from modding, and will no longer support my mods. These will no longer work with current patches.

Got a nasty taste lingering in your mouth before work? You'd think brushing your teeth would get rid of it. But no, that less-than-tasty breakfast left you cranky and ruined your morning. It was just so yucky, you couldn't concentrate at work. As a result, you're just short of a promotion.

With my mod, this scenario will no longer happen! Now, brushing your teeth will get rid of bad moodlets from food or drinks that are low-quality or made with questionable ingredients, unless you're actually feeling queasy.

As a bonus, this changes the moodlet you get from brushing your teeth to a Happy moodlet. If you want to get Confident, psych yourself up in the mirror.

Changed resources:
Action 5F8B - Results from brushing your teeth
Buff 30EB - Minty Freshness

Additional Credits:
WikiHow for the screenshot of brushing teeth in The Sims 4.