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Ingredient Quality Adjustments (NO LONGER UPDATED)

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Uploaded: 10th Feb 2015 at 1:23 AM
Updated: 24th Oct 2017 at 4:05 AM
NOTICE 10/23/2017: After a falling out with EA's community management, I have deleted my Origin account and have retired indefinitely from The Sims.

A little nuisance I ran into - Sims get an Uncomfortable "Bad Ingredients" moodlet from using "Normal" quality produce. Geez, they're snobs!

I looked into the quality scale - apparently "Normal" is really internally known as "Sickly", and is as bad for your dish as a "Foul" freshness fish. Why do they lie to you? "Nice" and "Very Nice" also cause a drop in food quality. It takes a lot of love in the garden to raise produce to a quality that won't ruin food.

This mod changes ITUN (0x03B33DDF) instance 0x6014BA1E56075ABF. Originally, produce under Good quality reduced the quality of the final dish. Now, Normal should have no effect on food quality, Nice should be a very slight improvement, and so on.