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The Pineridge Retreat (Minimal CC) (Two Versions)

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Uploaded: 29th Apr 2015 at 8:52 PM
Updated: 9th Jun 2015 at 5:13 AM

Welcome home to the quaint and beautiful Pineridge Retreat, a spacious three bedroom two and a half bath home. Designed with country charm in mind, the Pineridge Retreat boasts a floorplan designed around comfortable living, leaving no wasted space whatsoever. Upon entering Pineridge Retreat, you'll be swept away by the breathtaking hardwoods, gleaming with history between every seam. Whilst roaming through to the kitchen, you'll find ample counter space, with a convenient island counter that is perfect for a breakfast setting.

With the large windows found throughout, natural light is a feature to be had at the Pineridge Retreat. Thankfully, the outdoors are easily accessible, leaving way for a sprawling backyard that is just waiting to be the host of entertainment. However, for a more quiet pace, there are beautiful gardens that await your tending to.

Thankfully, those who have developed Pineridge Retreat had your needs in mind, and have constructed two properties for your choosing. There is a "basic" version, outfitted with only the essentials, that will leave room for your own tasteful furnishings. However, if you wish for the full Pineridge experience, a "complete" version that offers you a furnished home with only the finest of decorations.

Either way, the beauty and luster of Pineridge Retreat is turn-key, and just waiting for you to settle down and grow within!

Basic Furnished Price: 60,165

Lot Size: 2x3
Lot Price (furnished): 105,366

Custom Content Included:
- Upper Cabinet for Country Counter by CTNutmegger
- Mauritania Beveled Glass Door with Transom by leesester
- Mauritania Double Door with Transom by leesester
- Mauritania Small Cross Kitchen Window by leesester
- Mauritania Tall Cross Window by leesester

Additional Credits:

Custom Content Not Included and Not Required:

Chimney matching Maxis Southwestern Style Stucco - Kimsie
Chimney recolors: Masonry Set - Kimsie

There are two versions to choose from. The Basic version only includes the essentials, such as the kitchen and bathroom fixtures. The Complete version is fully furnished.