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Uploaded 28th May 2015 at 8:07 AM · Updated 27th Nov 2020 at 11:00 PM by ekrubynaffit

Today I have a Treehouse for you. I was inspired to make this after coming across a picture, which now I cant find (typical!)
Before you rush of to the download button please read carefully!

There are a number of sets needed to download and install BEFORE you install the lot, if you do it after you will get flashing blue on slaves.

Sets Needed

Treehouse set by CycloneSue
Creeping Ivy by MustLuvCatz
Marinas Slaved Gables by Curious B
Easy Backdrop by Honeywell.
Windmill Windows by Tinkle
Wandering Windows by Kate
Pirate Bay Build by Kate
Fairy Set by hafieseazale
Amelia Set by Adele
Sea and Surf Recolours by UntidyFan
Bohemian Set by Veranka
Bamboo Build Set By Shastakiss
Wisteria by HoneyWell
Tree Stump seat by Boblishman
Tree Table by Boblishman
Stairs (dont forget the script file) by DevilsRope

So sorry I see there has already been some downloads! I forgot to add you must have OMSPs by Silent Lucidity make sure you get these or else things will not look right!

If there is any flashing blue after installing all that please first check make sure you got it all and then if its still flashing let me know!

This lot has been tested and works, but there is a small tweak you will have to do after you have moved sims in.

1. See if the sims will go to the bedroom (they wont)
2. Raise the roof peice above the kitchen to 53
3. Jiggle the ladder and set it back down again
4. See if they will go up now (they should but might not)
5. If not rinse and repeat from 3.
6. Once it works (you will get it I promise!) lower the roof back to 40 as it looks nicer
7. Have fun!

The last four pics show the ladder working and bedroom accessible, there was a door to the bedroom but that wouldnt work so had to change it for an arch

I know thats alot of instructions, but i think, its worth it, turned out being a cute wee lot!
Have fun!

Lot Size: 3x2
Lot Price (furnished): 82,263

Custom Content Included:
- Ladder by Ja-Viera
- Chunky Log Column by Hafiseazale
- Pumpkin and Leaves by Mother Nature by The Mod Squad
- Tree Column by Crisps and Kerosine
- Clustered Electric Firefly Jars by Crisps and Kerosine
- Jars of Electric Fireflies by Crisps and Kerosine
- Rough Tree Bark by CycloneSue
- Cyclonesue's TS3 Beach Fence in Light Wood, Converted for TS2 by CuriousB by Curious B
- Fence Design 1 Gate by Cooldadx4
- Branches n' Rocks Sculpture by SuicideLover
- Eccentric AntlerArt by SuicideLover
- Nature's Wall Hooks by SuicideLover
- sculptureWallWoodsBrFrame2x1 by SuicideLover
- Floor by Crocobaura
- Cast Off Bench by Holly
- Makeshift Coffee Table by Holly
- Autumn special Big Amanita by Lethe_s
- Autumn special Big Bolete by Lethe_s
- Clump of grass by Lethe_s
- Autumn special Big Cup Toadstool by Lethe_s
- Autumn special Little Amanita by Lethe_s
- Just a ladder by marvine
- Shiftable Roof Support - For Apartment Life by mustluvcatz
- Fence by Murano
- Floor by Murano
- Flat Rock by Nenji65 DEAD SITE
- Scatterd Rocks by Nengi65 DEAD SITE
- Scattered rocks - small by Nengi65 DEAD SITE
- Short Shutters double by Nengi65 DEAD SITE
- "Sea & Surf" Window short open right by Nengi65 DEAD SITE
- "Sea & Surf" Window short by Nengi65 DEAD SITE
- "Sea & Surf" window small diagonal by Nengi65 DEAD SITE
- Playhouse Tree - Seasonal by mustluvcatz
- Mailbox 3 by Tinkle
- Mailbox 4 by Tinkle
- Marina's Floor Edge Hider by ShastaKiss
- Tree Bark by Crocobaura
- Pirates Ceiling Lamp by Tolli
- Pirates Tablelamp by Tolli
- Pirates Walllamp by Tolli
- Siding Bull Finch by Untidy Fan
- Siding Forgetmenot by Untidy Fan
- Siding Mango by Untidy Fan
- Siding Meadow by Untidy Fan
- Bark Wall by Crocobaura
- Hard cover book by Yuliya
- Paperback book by Yuliya

Number of bedrooms: 1 Bedroom
Custom Content Included: Build and Buy Mode Content
Furnishings: Fully Furnished
Special Flags: Not Applicable

Tags: #Treehouse, #1 Bedroom, #pond