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Project "Sims-Santorini". Part 9. Set "Stairs of the old town"

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Uploaded: 22nd Jul 2015 at 8:05 PM
Hi! I'm glad to see you again! The Project "Sims-Santorini" continues!
I always wanted to have the old stairs in my game. That was such as floors. So I decided to make them. It recolor of UNI Indestructible Concrete Maxis Stairs. It has become possible thanks to HugeLunatic . Many, many, many thanks for the wonderful mesh! Now I suggest set "Stairs of the old town" to you.

Set includes:
1. Droopsi_SS_StairsOldTown_asphalt.rar – 3 types of asphalt : 16 recolors (screenshots 02, 03, 04).
2. Droopsi_SS_StairsOldTown_concrete.rar – 3 types of concrete : 7 recolors (screenshots 05, 06).
3. Droopsi_SS_StairsOldTown_oldstone.rar – 1 type of old stone : 4 recolors (screenshot 07).
4. Droopsi_SS_StairsOldTown_paint.rar –12 types of paint : 18 recolors (screenshots 08-13, 22, 23).
5. Droopsi_SS_StairsOldTown_stone.rar – 5 types of stone : 12 recolors (screenshots 14-17).
6. Droopsi_SS_StairsOldTown_tile.rar –4 types of tile: 9 recolors (screenshots 18-21).

You must to repaint each step separately

I made a few recolors for each floor covering because:

For example

In game

Meshes by HugeLunatic not included.
Floors and terrain paints here, here and here
Choose, download and enjoy.
About mesh:
You should download HL_IndestructableConcreteModularRECOLORABLE.rar

Additional Credits:
HugeLunatic for beautiful mesh. SimPE - CEP - The Compressorizer - EA Games.