Creepy Hill Manor Dorm (No hacks - Only Maxis assets) *UPD 20APR*

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Uploaded: 14th Apr 2005 at 12:00 AM
Updated: 1st Oct 2008 at 8:26 PM
Well, this time I decided to apply my "sense of nonsense" to a dorm, and I ended up with a building that is... unusual, as usual

I was wandering where old Gunther Goth lived when he went to University, and I imagined an expensive and elitist manor built on top of a hill, a sort of turris eburnea ("ebony tower" if Latin isn't your favourite language ).

The main building features a double bedroom, a communal recreation/study/dining room, a small 2-person bathroom, and a looooong wrought iron stair to reach the main door.

A nice curved stone bridge connects the main building with the guard tower, that hosts the cafeteria, two more double bedrooms and a large communal bathroom in the basement.

You won't see much electronics here: just a moderate TV and the phone (but there's also a hi-tech computer in one bedroom ). If you are looking for entertainment, you can read a book or socialize...

One important note about the double bedrooms: due to the way the game manages the dorm rooms, if you are going to share your room with an NPC, the furniture will disappear as soon as the NPC claims the second access door (every double bedroom has two doors, otherwise the game won't spawn the student NPCs).
Obviously, you have always full access to the room, and the furniture will appear again when you enter the room.

Another important notice is that in this dorm there's a strict dicipline: the students are supposed to clean the empty dishes after having eaten (the cook won't do it, because the dining room is separate by the cafeteria).

Like all my other lots, the package contains nothing but the lot itself: no hacks, and only Maxis assets where used.

UPDATE 15-APR: I've posted a fixed version of the package; now it can be installed also with the Sims2Pack Clean Installer (thanks to Greenlea for having pointed it out).
No modifications were made to the lot itself.

UPDATE 20-APR: in my last update, I posted by mistake an old version of the lot, still with a "residential-style" kitchen; as a result, the Cafeteria Worker didn't appear on the lot.
Thanks to Greenlea (again ), that noticed that the stove was not the required ShinyTime (there was an ordinary black stove, instead).
Now everything is fixed: who downloaded the lot from Apr 15th until today (and therefore finds a black stove in the dorm cafeteria), please redownload the lot, as soon as it will be approved.