"Salvation Army" Victorian Slum (Dorm) - *FIX 11MAY05*

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Uploaded: 3rd May 2005 at 6:45 PM
Updated: 1st Oct 2008 at 8:23 PM - Posted fixed version
11 May 05: Fixed the problem of the walls being replaced by fences.

Furnished (but see below) - No hacks - Only Maxis assets

If a student can't afford even the low rates for a normal dorm, no problem: the Salvation Army has a cheap alternative!

Well, don't expect a castle... The room are small, the bathroom were used by a thousands students before, and the days that the furniture was brand new are lost in the fog of Time... But at least you have a roof on your head!

Are you prepared to live "the hard way"? Will you manage to graduate living in such a slum?

Oh, I was almost forgetting: Mr. Seth Poorman, the owner of the stable, lives upstairs, and he's quite an irritable man, so watch out!

What? You are wandering where is the cafeteria? Muhahahahhaaa!!!! :twisted:


Technical details:
Ground floor - 2 single bedrooms (with full kitchen)
Upper floor - 1 double bedroom (with only a small fridge and a toaster oven) and the owner's apartment
No cafeteria or common rooms
Basically, there's anything a student might need (stereo, TV, bookcase, armoire...), but these items are sparse in the different rooms, so the students are compelled to visit their neighbors...
Mr. Poorman is a playable character (not a student): he's unemployed, so the students must earn some money for him too! And don't expect him to die soon: if someone doesn't kill him, he'll live there for 99 sim-days! Anyway, he is useful, since he can fix anything in the house...

Note: this dorm is an experiment, more or less (like many of my creations...), so please report "oddities" and issues, especially concerning the interactions between the students and the owner.