Skylines Rentals (starter apartment)

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Uploaded: 10th Oct 2015 at 9:07 AM
Updated: 1st Dec 2016 at 9:07 AM by Floraflora2 - EP requirements feedback
I've purchased the Cities: Skylines game at the latest sale, and of course I couldn't resist to recreate a building from that on my first day of gameplay. This small apartment lot reminded me of those cheap, rundown rentals that can be found in poor gangbanger outskirts of big cities, so I thought it would fit into my Los Santos neighborhood "nicely".

I changed the original model a little bit: I "rubbed its wallpaint down" to make it look more rundown and in need of renovation. Also, the rent is furnished only how one would expect a real-life apartment to be: fixtures only (few counters, fridge, stove, bathroom plumbings and fixtures), but no furniture or decorative items - that's why it is a starter lot. It means, when a sim moves in, he/she has to begin with a "renovation" (re-paint, re-wallpaper, etc.), real-life-likely. The rent has one bedroom and one bathroom only, so it's for a single sim or a starter couple.

The building has two rentable apartments only: the one on the second floor is for the active household, and the one on the third floor is for the NPC neighbors. I placed a table tennis set (University Life EP) on the third floor for a bit of socializing, and also a kung-fu training dummy (World Adventures EP) on the second floor, just in case - learning martial arts can be useful in this district.

PLAYTEST: It depends on your neighborhood how much time it takes for NPC neighbors to move in: the less number of apartment buildings you have in your 'hood, the faster they will move in. In big cities like Bridgeport, full of apartments, it might take a long time to see neighbors popping up. Also, I couldn't figure out why, but in some neighborhoods the Junk Pile at the back of the lot (Ambitions EP) takes a lot of time to become active (cannot be "Digged Through" at first).

WARNING: This is a Late Night EP type apartment. It means, the parcel on the Map must be zoned as Residential /Regular Lot - NOT Apartment Lot because that is for the University Life EP type of lots, and mixing the two types would lead to bugs, glitches, unwanted roommates all over your home.

No CC, no Stuff Packs, no Store items. Necessary EPs: World Adventures, Late Night, Ambitions, Generations, Seasons, Showtime, University Life, Island Paradise.
*Edit: User feedback: it works smoothly without Island Paradise, its few objects will be replaced by proxy ones.

Lot Size: 20x20
Lot Price (furnished): 8,703
Lot Price (unfurnished): 3,993

Additional Credits:
to Paradox Interactive for the exterior design of Cities Skylines buildings