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Laundry Day Part 2 ~ Table Set

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Uploaded: 13th Dec 2015 at 11:18 AM
Updated: 6th Sep 2021 at 3:50 PM
Now that your sims have a washer and dryer, they need somewhere to set that laundry basket down - right? Or a place to fold their laundry. Or set that bag of chips down when the dryer goes off. I may have just what they're looking for.. as a bonus, the colors match the washer and dryer!

(^That table right there is my favorite of the set. I love that table. I told the tables at my local laundromat that they should be as awesome as that table.)

(^That one is rather spiffy looking too!)

(^Nice.. very nice.)

(^If I were Goldilocks, I'd have to say that this one is just right!)

What You Get:
A "folding" table.
A dining table.
An end table.
A coffee table.
14 tabletop recolors, 5 metal recolors.

What You Need To Know:
The set is repository with the laundry ("folding") table is the MASTER of the set and is needed for the other 3 files to work in your game.
All tables have slots. The laundry table has 7, the end and coffee tables have 9, the dining table only has the 1.
The table top and metal recolors are in separate packages so you can delete any you don't want in game with no problem.
The end and coffee tables are slightly oversized but will not get eaten by walls and won't interfere with placing other objects/furniture next to them.

Catalog Information:
The laundry table can be found in Surfaces>Misc for 100 Simoleons.
The dining table can be found in Surfaces>Tables for 85 Simoleons.
The end table can be found in Surfaces>End Tables for 65 Simoleons.
The coffee table can be found in Surfaces>Coffee Tables for 65 Simoleons.

Credit to EA for the wood texture I used as an overlay on my recolors. The colors are, once again Anna's new colors that I got from here.

PART 1 (Washer and Dryer) HERE
PART 3 (Clothing) HERE

Polygon Counts:
Laundry Table - 314
Dining Table - 332
End Table - 332
Coffee Table - 332

Additional Credits:
PhotShop CS2, MilkShape, SimPE