Let 'Em Know! - All ages conversion

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Uploaded: 21st Jun 2016 at 3:36 AM
The AF files were originally a participation prize for Totally challenge #8 - Supernatural! Reuploaded here with the TM mod's blessing. If you're a fan of Maxis premades, give this community a look!

This is a full set of repositoried conversions of my Let 'Em Know! set for CU, TF, TM, AF, EF, and EM. The AM files are included - there's nothing wrong with the old ones, so you don't have to redownload if you're using them, but I thought it might be more convenient for people to have them all in one place.

You need the AM files for these to work! They are included in this upload - they have also been renamed to remove spaces and special characters, since I've learned since I've made them that it's advised to avoid those in your DL folder - but if you see the files as flesh-colored in your game, it means the master files are missing. Recolors for all the other age groups contain only a string pointing the file to the textures within the AM files, no textures of their own. When in doubt - download the All_Ages version.

Categorized as Everyday, Athletic, and PJs. All meshes are included.

The files available are as follows:

merged_files: all age groups are bundled within a recolor's package, so if you have a UMUF_Grey_Red_Alien in your game, it will appear for CU, TF, TM, AF, EF, and EM. Deleting it for one age group in CAS/Bodyshop will remove it for other ages, too.

repositoried_allages: each age group's recolor is a separate (tiny) file. AM files are included in the download. Choose this one if yfu don't already have the AM files in your game.

same as above, but AM files aren't included. Choose this if you already have the AM files in your game. If you don't have them, and download this fie, all tees will appear as skin-colored.

Livlukas_folder_structure: if you're using Livlukas' DL folder sorting technique, and - like I did - replaced all the " - " characters with "_" characters (so instead of A - CAS - Accessories - Glasses you have A_CAS_Accessories_Glasses), all you have to do is drop the download in your DL folder; the file sare pre-sorted.

Additional Credits:
Fanseelamb, Trapping, Eir-Ung, Deedee-Sims - meshes used
Fanseelamb - base texture