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Maxis Baseboard Expansion Set

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Uploaded: 1st Jan 2017 at 4:31 PM
Updated: 2nd Jan 2017 at 12:42 AM
Every so often, I think about items in TS2 that I feel Maxis did not finish. Most of the time, it is the insufficient recolors available for objects. Other times, it is the inability to properly pair wood tones between walls, floors, and furniture. This time, it is a set of Maxis paint colors that do not have enough coordinating options. Perhaps you're familiar with these:

They were added at some point in the expansion packs and feature wall trim (baseboards and crown molding) with higher detail than the original game's versions. Unfortunately, there were only about 3 color options for these new walls and, in my opinion, they are all very dark and saturated colors. Booooo

So, with nothing better to do (apparently), I decided to pick up Maxis's slack. The result? A set of 49 walls that I am calling the Maxis Baseboard Expansion Set. But enough blabber, here's what you get:

- 49 Walls
- 4 original paint colors by Maxis (Olive Drab, Beachy Keen, Totally Taupe, and "Paste" Paint)
- 3 new paint colors taken from other Maxis paints (Judicious Jade, Gorgeous Greige, and Ambiguous Avocado)
- 3 Maxis baseboard finishes for each paint color (Blonde, Medium, and Dark)
- 1 new baseboard finish for each paint color (Walnut)

This became quite an undertaking to finish properly. I hope that you will find a use for them in your game and I hope you enjoy the "new" paint colors I chose (I gave them all cheesy names to go along with the Maxis originals). There is a collection file included.

FWIW, the Walnut baseboard color coordinates really well with iCad's "Treehouse" wood recolors.

Happy Decorating!!
Category: Build Mode/Walls/Paint
Price: $5 (baseboard only) $7 (crown molding)

Additional Credits:
GIMP, Microsoft Publisher, SimPE