Desert Oasis (minimal CC)

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Uploaded: 3rd Feb 2017 at 12:39 PM
Updated: 3rd Feb 2017 at 4:45 PM
Hello everyone!

Since I can remember I have always been in love with atrium houses. There is just something very mysterious about how they hide a little open air space inside of them. Desert Oasis is my take on the atrium house.

There is a catch, though. There are almost no solid walls (except for the garage, small toilet on the second floor and of course all the partition walls) in the building. Windows have been placed all around the house. This doesn't mean that there is no privacy. The back of the building is hidden from the strangers' view by special glass (of course!) panels. There are no random sims walking in the desert anyway but if you decide to put the house in a more populated place then there is no need to worry
The house is unfurnished, there are only basic kitchen and bathroom fixtures included.

The house features a huge open - plan kitchen/dining/living area with a guest bathroom. With hardly any walls you can easily adapt the space to your needs. I wouldn't move the fireplace, though. I have (sort of) hidden the chimney pipe in a window frame upstairs so that it doesn't obstruct the view and still is functional.

The private part of the house is located at the back of the property. There are three rooms (of which two have an en suite bathroom). They are not massive but your sims are not going to spend much time there anyway. You can always move some doors and/or walls and make your own arrangement.
A spiral staircase inside an octagonal shaft leads to a big glass pavilion with a beautiful view on the neighbourhood (and its own toilet) upstairs. It would be a perfect place for an artist's studio or a home gym. And it has access to a gigantic roof terrace!

The heart of the house is the courtyard with a pool (I guess you could say it is the oasis' pond) and a hot tub. A perfect place to throw parties and simply relax in the sun. You can also delete the pool and make place for some greenery if you want some more.

There is also plenty of space for cars. Even though there is only a single car garage, you can park another two vehicles in front of the house.

Things to consider:
  • There are some issues with lightning on the ceiling in the upstairs pavilion (you can see it in the pictures). I have tried to fix it but without success. If you manage to do so, let me know.
  • The back of the lot has been shrinked using LotAdjuster. Therefore if you delete the "column" made of walls, you will not be able to put it back in (unless you enlarge the lot and shrink it again).

Lot Size: 3x4
Lot Price (furnished): 121 734

There are only 5 pieces of CC that you will need. They are packed into a separate .sims2pack file. You will need to use Clean Installer to install them. You can also easily change them for something Maxis - made if you are not so keen on custom content.

Custom Content Included:
- Black Walnut Door Recolor by Anna
- White Walnut Door Recolor by Anna
- Recolors of Maxis's "Slimming Oak Parquet" flooring. Made by iCad at MTS. by iCad
- Invisible Driveway & Extensions by roddyaleixo
- Walnut Door Centred on 2 Tiles by Leesester

Additional Credits:
I'm also using some defaults and mods that are not required for the lot to work properly but you should consider getting them if you want it to look exactly the same as in the pictures.

- Terrain Default Replacement by CuriousB
- Window Glass Replacement by slig
- Floor Edge Replacement by Mootilda
- Wall Top Texture Replacement by Maranatah
- Lunatech 'Lighten Up' Ceiling Light Fix by Menaceman44
- Gunmod's Radiance Lightning Mod by GunMod

If you ever feel like you need more space on the lot, LotAdjuster by Mootilda is exactly what you need.

Have fun!