Bluewater Coal Mine (Functional Business)

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You NEED to download a few pieces of custom content (listed below) to get the lot working properly. Also, it is strongly recommended you read the read the "tips for running as an actual business" section below if you want to use the lot as an actual business. Finally, this lot does not have flat edges and is meant to be placed in a certain location in Bluewater village.

In contrast to its well known retail setting, you may be surprised to know that Bluewater Village is home to another and much less glamorous industry. It began a century ago when hills situated on the outskirts of town were found to be laden with rich with coal deposits. News spread fast and mining ventures followed suit, thus making Bluewater Village a permanent settlement. As the decades progressed, coal reserves began to dry up and the modernizing of the economy meant ever decreasing prices for the commodity. The Bluewater Coal Mine stands today as the last running coal mine in town.

Important tips for running as a business
This business is centered around the "mining rock crafting station" made by Sun&Moon over at Plum Bomb Keep. Basically, these are crafting stations that appear as large rocks and your sims wack at them with a pic ax to make buckets of ore (in this case coal) which can be sold. I say this is a coal mine, but the the set comes with nine other minerals (goal, silver, ruby, Iron, etc.). If you assign an employee to a mining station, the buckets of ore they produce will show up in the owner's inventory. It takes thirty sims minuets (thirty real seconds) for a sim to create one bucket of ore. There are some impractical aspects about using these mining stations with employees, but my tips below fully remedy this.
  • You as the business owner can not assign an employee to to a mining rock station and must instead select them (make them controllable), click on a mining station and choose "make many...Coal Ore", and then deselect them.
  • Normally, the employee looses employee status if you select and then subsequently deselect them. However, if you use "Dolphin's Control-This-Sim Hack', found here: the employee will remain in employee mode after you deselect them.
  • Once you get an employee successfully hacking away, their needs will deteriorate quickly and eventually they will decide to stop working. This gets annoying because you have to go through the whole process of re-selecting them again. To prevent this, you need to constantly keep their motives up. It is easiest to use the insimenator's "motive adjuster" object. Click on it and choose "all motives 100% - everyone here". you need to do this about every sim hour or else employees will walk away at about an hour thirty from starting.The insimenator is found here:,100226.0.html
  • The price of each bucket of ore is really low ($25/bucket) and is the same across all kinds of ore. If you are handy with SimPE, you know it is easy to change to price to what ever you like. Alternatively, You may want to go with a high volume (many employee) strategy. If this is the case, I recommend using Paladin's Timeclock to set employee shifts. the time clock is found here: Personally, I have 20 employees split between two shifts and set the price of a bucket of coal to $75, wich yields about $21,000 in profit per operating cycle.

Required Custom Contient
There are two objects that could not be packaged with the lot and must be downloaded separately:

1.) Miner's Rock Crafting Station by Sun&Moon

2.) Torrox Spanish/Southwestern Build Set Columns by Moune999
Note: The download page for the columns says you need to download a separate set to get the column textures Make sure to download them!

Lot Size: 5x6
Lot Price (furnished): $366,640

Custom Content Included:
- Grass textured wall by roddyaleixo
- Pipe Decoration - Side by von olemantiker
- Grass textured floor by roddyaleixo
- Pipe Decoration - Vertical Joint by von olemantiker
- Air Conditioning Unit by Cyclonesue
- Pipe Decoration - Vertical by von olemantiker
- Pipe Decoration - Tall Vertical Joint by von olemantiker
- Pipe Decoration - Side Joint by von olemantiker
- Pipe Decoration - Connector by von olemantiker
- Pipe Decoration - Low Vertical Joint by von olemantiker
- Giant Industrial Shaft by Cyclonesue
- Pipe Decoration - Extended Side by von olemantiker
- Pipe Decoration - Extended Vertical by von olemantiker
- Metal Grid Floor by winkeeper
- Water Wheel by MsBarrows
- Miners Rock Crafting Station 1 (MASTER) by Sun&Moon
- Miners Rock Crafting Station 10 by Sun&Moon
- Miners Rock Crafting Station 3 by Sun&Moon
- Miners Rock Crafting Station 4 by Sun&Moon
- Miners Rock Crafting Station 5 by Sun&Moon
- Miners Rock Crafting Station 6 by Sun&Moon
- Miners Rock Crafting Station 7 by Sun&Moon
- Miners Rock Crafting Station 8 by Sun&Moon
- Miners Rock Crafting Station 9 by Sun&Moon
- Miners Rock Cart by Sun&Moon