Skyscraper Under Construction

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Uploaded 25th Feb 2017 at 11:34 PM

Requires special installation. Please read installation tab or look below.

Whenever you see a new high-rise being built, you know the economy must be on the right track. Now you can add this artifact of prosperity to your mega city neighborhood. I intended the lot to be only a decoration piece, so most of it is a hollow shell. Besides, you wouldn't expect a building under construction to be full of much anyways. Although bare, each level is accessible through elevator shafts located in the two cranes.

There are a few additional steps you must take in addition to the usual simpack installation in order for this lot to work properly.

1.) Install the simpack like you normally would for any other lot.

2.) Download Numenor's Scriptorium if you don't already have it. Since I
maxed out the game's hard coded wall limit, I had to use Numenor's Custom Walls to build more walls. Installation of these walls requires Scriptorium. Download Scriptorium here: . After you download, unzip and install.

3.) Download and install Numenor's Custom Walls Repository & Index. Download the four types of walls here (ignore the backup type): . Do not put these in your download folder just yet.

4.) Next go into your Sims 2 downloads folder and look for the shortcut "Scriptorium_Walls-Fences-Arches". It is easy to see because it has a blue scroll as an icon. If you have trouble finding it, just search for it in the search bar in the upper right hand corner of the window. Double click it and it will open another folder. Keep this window open.

5.) If you have not already unzipped the custom walls, do so now. Put those files into the Scriptorium folder you just opened.

That should have installed the walls correctly. If you play the lot and there are invisible walls, then you know you installed the walls wrong. If these instructions are not clear enough, use the instructions on both the custom wall download page and the Scriptorium page.

6.) Download a camera with large zooming capabilities. The base game cameras simply can't zoom out far enough to make playing on these lots practical. It is well worth downloading a camera with a large zoom scope, but It's not required and you can keep your old ones if you like. I found the ones by Sophie-David work great: Once you download, unzip and place the contents in your "cameras" folder located in your Sims 2 documents folder. Move and replace when prompted.

Lot Size: 5x6
Lot Price (furnished): $349,790

Custom Content by Me:
- WIP 5
- WIP 1
- WIP 3
- WIP 6
- WIP 7
- WIP 4
- WIP 2
- WIP Blue Glass

Custom Content Included:
- Prida's Modern fullsize window No.2 by stonetower
- x4 Stair wall fix White Recolor by JRW
- Lonely Lookout Tressle Column 3-storey by BeOSBoxBoy
- Simple glass roof tile with frame by iceyboi83
- x4 Stair wall fix by JRW
- new Mesh Circular Saw-Deco by feeEssen
- Sawhorse by HarrisonFordFanClub
- 20ft Standard Container by UK1967
- Wodden Palette by UK1967
- Wodden Palette (lean on wall) by UK1967
- Pile of Brick-laden Rubble by retailsims
- Please Insert Girder by retailsims
- Large Insulation Roll by retailsims