In Your Orbit ~ Light Orbiter Floor Lamp Add-Ons

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Uploaded: 10th Jun 2019 at 1:19 AM
Requested by twofingerswhiskey @GOS, a table version of the EAxis basegame Light Orbiter floor lamp. Requested by myself - because I apparently like torturing myself making lamps - wall lamp add-ons. (There are 2, one is mirrored for match-matchiness on the left and right.)

What You Get:
A table lamp
2 wall lamps (one mirrored)
16 shade recolors in Shastakiss' Yeti palette and 6 metal recolors

All 3 lamps are slaved to the game lamp so no mesh is needed for these to work in your game. The wall lamps are ground level when placed and are shiftable - so you need to be able to shift objects. (If anyone would like to edit the meshes to place higher on the wall, please do!) There is no mirrored version of the table lamp. If you’d like a mirrored look you can rotate the lamp in game when placing it - one of the screenshots shows a table lamp rotated the other direction.

Catalog Location/Simoleons:
Lighting>Table Lamps and Lighting>Wall Lamps - all are 200 Simoleons.

Also Included:
A mashup and edit of 2 defaults. Ruhira edited the GMDC to remove the beehive shape on the metal stand. Shastakiss edited the texture to make it more pretty. I took Shastakiss' default file and added Rudhira's to it. I also edited the GMDC a bit further to make the lampshade longer AND edited the TXMT so none of the shade bit was set to blend. (Transparent shade when lit? Ummmm... no??)

SO. If you want the in game lamp and my add-on meshes to look like they do in my screenshot you'll need my default mashup. If you already have Shastakiss' default file, mine will overwrite it. If you have Rudhira's and want my default instead, you'll need to remove her file. My recolors of the floor lamp will still work no matter what.

REMEMBER: You can only have ONE default in game at one time so pick which you want! (The other 2 are linked to up there!)

Polygon Counts:
Table Lamp -1160
Wall Lamps - 1128

Additional Credits:
PhotoShop CS2, MilkShape, SimPE, Shastakiss, Rudhira