The Little Red Barn House

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Uploaded 9th Jun 2017 at 7:57 PM · Updated 9th Jun 2017 at 5:12 PM by simsfreq

I built this lot for the Community Spirit contest and the version uploaded is almost exactly as seen in the contest with two exceptions: First, I deleted the dividing wall cutting off the stairs from the main part of the building because I prefer the way it looks without, and second, I tidied up a little of the "ambient" clutter - but I've left everything on shelves/walls the same.

There are two versions, one with all of the furniture, decor and clutter in situ, and the second (labelled "unfurnished" as though the family have just moved out. They've left the garden, ceiling and wall lights and most of the fixtures (plumbing, counters, some shelving) intact, but they've taken any curtains they could reach and anything which wasn't nailed down, so the new owners can put their own stamp on the place. (This of course reduces the cost for sims wishing to move in.) All interior pictures are of the furnished version. The final four pictures show the unfurnished exterior (almost identical) and the floor plans.

This cute wooden house is filled with charm and character, yet contains everything two sims need for a comfortable and simple life.

No space is wasted in the cosy kitchen, and large windows ensure plenty of light and a clear view out to the front garden and pond.

A bedroom downstairs is perfect for a child or for converting into another room, perhaps an office?

The whole of the attic has been converted to a bedroom which again overlooks the driveway and garden.

There's even a small outbuilding - perhaps for storage, hobbies, or even starting a home business?

I built this lot using the Ultimate Collection so you'll need all of the EPs too.

No CC. More pictures above or see this post in the Community Spirit contest (also for backstory!):

I did notice that in my no-CC game, the rug in the living area appears messed up as though the light doesn't fall on it correctly. That doesn't happen in my main game so if it bothers you, you will need to replace the rug or download this fix:

The off-grid rugs fix also fixes it, if you prefer that solution:

The unfurnished version costs $32,385.

Lot Size: 2x3
Lot Price (furnished): 49841

Additional Credits:
Thanks to Jo for inspiring this entry with your contest!