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BAKERY BONANZA Part 6: Cookies

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Uploaded: 17th Mar 2018 at 6:00 AM
Updated: 25th Mar 2018 at 9:45 PM
If downloaded before 10PM, 3/21/18 (MTS time) PLEASE RE-DOWNLOAD. Thank you for those in the comment section for pointing out my mistake in not compressing the files. Thank you for your patience!

It has been a long time coming but finally the last (and largest) part to the BAKERY BONANZA series I started a few weeks back is here! There are a lot of flavors to choose from, all made possible due to the generous permission of AdeLanaSP and her cookie mesh from her Halloween food set. I hope all of you enjoy, I am really happy with how they all turned out!! (They took awhile...)

Ten Flavors!
-Winter Snowflake Sugar Cookies
-Owl and Flower Sugar Cookies
-Flower Sugar Cookies
-Girl Gender Reveal Cookies (same as boy's, just with pink filling to symbolize a baby girl)
-Boy Gender Reveal Cookies (same as girl's, just with blue filling to symbolize a baby boy)
-White Chip Red Velvet Cookies
-Peanut Butter Cookies
-Lemon Drop Cookies (similar to a sugar cookie, but will a gooey lemon jam plopped on top)
-Color Swirl Sugar Cookies
-Raspberry Chocolate Cookies

See attached photos for reference!

Where to Find Cookies: All can be found under the normal tabs, "Have/Serve Dessert..." as well as "Make/Make Many..." if you have the OFB expansion pack.

Cooking/Serving Details: The original mesh was cloned from the maxis Layer Cake and requires skill 3. All cookies have the same prep process but the red velvet works with red mix and the chocolate works with brown mix (makes more sense that way).

Polycounts: Products for cooking - 1380 faces, Food without dishes (1 portion) - 648 faces, Food without dishes (general) - 2160 faces


Curious about what I am working on next? I keep a brief and updated segment dedicated to this on my profile page.

Additional Credits:
Texture Credits:
-Owl: Owl Clipart #16 from admin at freeclipartimage.com
-Purple Floral Clipart from staff at vancitymommyd.com
-Pink Flower clipart from staff at clipart-library.com
-Pacifier Clipart from staff at sweetclipart.com
-Baby bottle clipart is from staff at plaquemaker.com
-Lollipop (color swirl cookie) is from skeeze at pixabay.com
-Hawaiian flower decal is from cliparts.co

-All realistic looking textures (AKA Chocolate raspberry, lemon drop, white chip red velvet, and peanut butter) are from my own photos from a bake-off at my family's family reunion last year. (I am so glad I have a good camera!)

Technical: A HUGE thanks to SimPE.78, Adobe Photoshop Elements 13, FRAPS (Screenshots), Nvidia DDS Utilities (SimPE work), Mod The Sims, Quaxi for getting SimPE up and running again, and the awesome AdeLanaSP for the original mesh.

I could not have done this without all of their hard work before me!