Subtle Object Placement Outlines

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Uploaded: 13th Apr 2018 at 5:04 AM
Another tiny edit for ya! Reduced opacity and modified the colours of object placement outlines.
This is something I didn't realise I wanted until I came across the files to edit while searching for something else, but I find it a welcome addition as it's easier to focus on the objects and area as a whole now. I also included the yellow elevator outline but forgot to take pictures of it.

It can sometimes be hard to see the white outline against certain light coloured surfaces in bright light. If you need to make specific object placements under these circumstances, toggling night mode (L) if the object is outdoors, or turning off the lights if indoors temporarily can alleviate this. I find it a minor inconvenience that can easily be overlooked though - YMMV.

Will conflict with anything that edits the following resources:
objectPlacementOutl_0x989e5a0ae2cb3ad6, elevatorPlacementOu_0xd59f39e25a53782a, objectPlacementOutl_0xf4fdf07f46cc281a