Royalty Career- Work your way to being King or Queen

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Description of your sim becoming a King/Queen:

In my custom Royalty sim career, your sims will be molded into becoming an upstanding king or queen. The levels of royalty are mainly logic and charisma based. To be promoted, it will take a lot of socializing for your sims. Each level requires your sim to work 3-4 days a week while giving your sim the opportunity to socialize and influence. Your sim will start off as a Prince/Princess in 5 levels, 2 levels your sims will be a Duke/Duchess, 1 level to be heir/heiress, and 2 levels being a King/Queen. Although some of these levels have the same titles, there are different in salary, days, skill requirements, and hours. I made the chance cards to pop on a rarely and they are quite simple with a bit of corny humor. The chance cards are all edited so that they can relate to the career. The chance cards usually bring up situations of where your sims will have to make decisions upon rising as a prince/princess to king/queen. I'll also like to add that this custom career was cloned from the politician career and will not override the original career. The reward you get in this career is the same as in the politics career which is the teleprompter. Hope you all enjoy the Royalty Career!

Below are the ranks, hours, salary, days, and other promotion requirements below.

1. Prince/Princess[/U]= 9am-12am, TWTF, $1,000, + 0 skill, and 0 friends ( From the time you were a child, you've watched your parents rule over the town with an Ironfist. You know that it is your fate to be next in line to rule. Don't let your parents down. It's time to do your part and be the best you can be. As a prince, you must have royal mannerisms about you while trying not to look like you are the best thing to walk on the face of the planet.)

2. Prince/Princes: Humble Beginnings= 9am-12am, MTWT, $1,500, + 1 body, 2 charisma, 2 logic, and 2 friends (Although you are still under your parents/ current ruler(s), you still have the ability to command portions of the kingdom. It's your duty to exercise this by practicing on gaining charisma and a few other skills. You must be at a humble start. The citizens love a ruler that can at least try to see things at the same level of as they can.)

3. Prince/Princess: Presentation[/U]= 10am-1pm, TWT,2,500$+ 2 body, 3 charisma, 3 logic, and 4 friends (To be seen as an acceptional ruler for your kingdom you must have confidence and you must dress well when in public. Your citizens and servants will talk about you and admire your style. When you are the new ruler, you will be looked up to by all nations. Your duty is to support your parent(s) and the dynasty by presenting pride, unity, and stability. Practice more on your charisma and logic.)

4. [U]Prince/Princess: Social
= 1pm-4pm , MThFSa 3,700$, + 3 body, 4 charisma, 1 creativity, 4 logic, 2 cleaning, and 6 friends (You are popular along side of your royal parents. You sit and listen to your parents talk to the press about the laws and legistlations. You may be bored but you have to use this time to learn some tips from your folks. The best part of going to the events is getting that warm welcome from people across the world. Oh. don't forget about the presents and the dinners!)

5. Prince/Princess: Knowledge= 9am-2pm, MTWThF,$5,000 , + 4 body, 5 charisma, 2 creativity, 5 logic, 2 cleaning, and 7 friends (Being royalty does not mean you will always sit around. When you are sitting around, it's best that you store as much knowledge about how the society works. You may think you know everything when you don't. In phase of being a duke, you will have to listen to your royal advisors and parents lectures.)

6. Duke/Duchess= 9am-2pm, WThSa, $6,000 + 4 body, 6 charisma, 4 creativity, 6 logic, 3 cleaning, and 7 friends (The time is near when parents are about to hand over the kingdom to you. Keep it in your mind not to let them down. You have learned how to socialize, make decisions, and present yourself to the public. It's time to work on your physical because you will have to do some physical training.)

7. [U]Duke/Duchess:Fortitude
= 9am-2pm, TWTh, $7,200 + 5 body, 7 charisma, 4 creativity, 7 logic, 3 cleaning, and 8 friends (Your future citizens have watched you grow. They saw your speeches at the press conference and they are confident in you as the next ruler. You have gained their confidence so much that you should not disappoint when any one challenges you for your throne. It is best if you keep physical. You may have to fight opponents for your throne. You may have to fight in combat if there is a war.)

8. Heir: Honor=10am-3pm , TThSa, $8,350 + 6 body, 8 charisma, 5 creativity, 8 logic, 3 cleaning,and 10 friends (At times, you will have some trouble makers within your city. To keep your citizens confident in your future rule, you must help pass out laws to keep your town in order. If you must, you have the ability judge rightfully.)

9. King=9am-3pm, MTWTh, $9,000 +7 body, 9 charisma, 6 creativity, 9 logic, 3 cleaning, and 11 friends (You're authoring bills and chairing important subcommittees. You appear regularly on political events and your influence is being felt around the town. With a little more speaking experience and a few more friends, you may attain the most coveted role of being the ruler of your town)

10. High King=10am-6pm,TThSu, $10,000 +8 body, 10 charisma, 7 creativity, 10 logic, 4 cleaning, and 12 friends ( You are now at the top. You have proved yourself to your mother and father the former queen and king. Now it is time for your mother and father to retire if they can. Not only that, you probably have a successful future in reigning over other monarchs. )

Additional Credits:
I would like to give credit to MTS career creation tutorial, Photoshop, Simpe, Yahoo images, and wiki.