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NCT - Realistic Brief (Maxis Match Blurge Mesh Included)

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Uploaded: 8th Jun 2018 at 3:08 PM
Updated: 15th Jun 2018 at 6:59 AM - Now Young Adults and Elder can wear them
Maxis underwear for briefs is ugly for 2 Reason.

Firstly, the texture and yes you can fix it with this mod but Secondly even with that mod there no blurge which really bugs me.

Infomation [Long]
Like I said, those are the reason why it made me want to make a mesh in the first place but then I did ask someone to fix it for me. I did see a mod that has blurge mod but there are other bodybuilders one or one for TS4 which is another reason to try making one which is at least Maxis-Match. The maxis mesh for those briefs makes it look like that they never have a dick on their body which bugs me, some people like making The Sims look more real so I made the texture which does and I didn't google photo of those tighty-whities, I made it in photoshop which I was amazed since I am a beginner in Photoshop. I used oldmember_Sims9000 since it looks slightly real but needs more shade and texture cause it too white but I still like it. Texture will be lot different but quite similar in the way.

How I got the idea...
I saw a clothing from The Sims Resource and one of them I do like but I thought there could have some shading on the texture so I gong oh Photoshop and mess around to make a realistic texture and I once I made it I was like. "That looks so COOL! It just looks so real!" well the texture at least. I mess around with Blender and SimPE to make a sexy mesh that is suitable for ModTheSims of course.

The main difference between Mine and Maxis mesh is basically the blurge but you can see the picture which I compare my and oldmember_Sims9000 version. Is at the top of this text.

Things I had added to my Mesh
  • Butt is larger
  • Now has Blurge

Morph I had Included
  • Thin
  • Fat
  • Pregnant


  • Put it on pay-site (Who want to buy Sims' tighty whities? No thank you.)
  • Clain my work is yours (I made it, the only effort you do is download it, maybe get my picture of it and put it on a different site)

Polygon Counts:
Face = 1768 Vertex = 1173

Additional Credits:
Chris Hatch - He help me fixed my mesh.
V1.8 MCT Men's Briefs White by oldmember_Sims9000
The Forum which had help me to fix that mesh issue SimPE Sims 2 GMDC Import/Export for Blender 2.79
Photoshop Element 2018