Community Bookshelfes for Libraries! (Visitor Enabled to use Bookshelf)

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Uploaded 7th Sep 2018 at 12:18 AM

Another day, another mod! This time a Object Mod! This time, the suggestion came from a friend of mine(Name in the Credits), that came with a ideia of making a community bookshelf, where all the visitors could grab a book and read it on the lot, like a Library! So, here it is the Community Bookshelfes for Libraries

What this mod does?
It adds 3 bookshelfes types on the game, where each of them allows a visitor to grab a book for it and read it, making it more functional instead of just a piece of decoration

How it works?
Basically, when one of those 3 bookshelfes are on a community lot, there's a chance of a visitor interact with them, by grabbing a book and read them! A thing that was disabled on the original ones!

Download Contents
This mod has 4 download packages, each of them has a function, here are some details from each of them:

File NameDescriptionImportant?
Severino_PublicBookcaseCheap.rarHere contains the remade Craftmeister Booknook for community lots! + Original RecolorsJust if you want it
Severino_PublicBookcaseModerate.rarHere contains the remade BiblioFile Bookcase for community lots! + Original RecolorsJust if you want it
Severino_PublicBookcaseExpensive.rarHere contains the remade Renaissance Bookcase for community lots + Original RecolorsJust if you want it
Severino_PublicBookcase_Global.rarHere contains a important file you need to install in order to visitors be able to read the books!Very important

You can download and use more then one if you want to! (Or all of them)

But these bookshelfes are already on the game... What's the difference between them?
Yeah, the bookshelfes are original contents from Maxis, but the original ones doesn't allow the visitors to use them, so, i've just cloned the bookshelfes and changed the interactions table, enabling these bookshelfes to be used by visitors on community lots!

I can't find it on the building catalog?!
Be sure you're a building a community lot, because as i mentioned before, these 3 bookshelfes are for Community Lots Only!

So, i've downloaded it and installed it, but the visitors just grab the books and put them back to the bookshelf! Help!
Did you forgot to download and install the Severino_PublicBookcase_Global.package file? This file is important since it allows the visitors to grab the book and also read them! So, it's important to also have this file to fix this inconvenience.

Object Details
Here are some details from the objects:
NameDescriptionGUIDOrig. GUIDFallback GUIDPriceCatalog SortCatalog TypeOverrides Something?
Craftmeister BooknookSpy thriller, sci-fi, romance, horror, horror romance—all your favorite stories have a place on this set of shelves from Craftmeister. Made from reconstituted and regurgitated chipboard, the Booknook is a testament to recycling. Some assembly required, but no Fortran.0xAC5B877A0x46870AE00xAC5B877A$ 250Hobbies / KnowledgeCommunityNo
BiblioFile BookcaseThe BiblioFile Bookcase is a real space-saver for book lovers. Made of recycled pressboard, the BiblioFile is sturdy enough to hold all kinds of trinkets and volumes but lightweight enough that it won't leave those embarrasing dents in the carpet.0xAC5B87790x46870ADF0xAC5B8779$ 400Hobbies / KnowledgeCommunityNo
Renaissance Bookcase by Literary DesignsStack your Shakespeare with pride in this beautifully finished wood piece that really is much ado about something. Hard metal fixtures, engraved wood skirting and intricate claw feet make the Renaissance bookcase an enlightened residence for your most treasured books. Literary Designs, because your classics deserve a classic home.0xAC5B87780x46870ADE0xAC5B8778$ 950Hobbies / KnowledgeCommunityNo

This game may cause conflict with other mods that overrides the following resource(s):
Resource NameTypeGroupInstance(high)Instance
untitled tree tablePie Menu Functions(TTAB)0x7FE64A8D0x000000000x00000081

Or with other object mods that have the same GUID as mentioned on Object Details
Haven't found any so far, so let me know if you find any!


Haven't found any bugs so far, so please let me know if you find any!

Thanks, and enjoy the mod! :D

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