Non-edgie Pool Edges *Base Game Compatible version added 4/12/2019*

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Uploaded: 21st Feb 2019 at 1:23 AM
Updated: 13th Apr 2019 at 6:26 PM - more credits ;)
* BASE GAME COMPATIBLE version added April 12th 2019!*
(Thanks to Simonut for testing )

For years, we have been stuck with badly mapped, ugly as hell, brown pool wall edges.
No matter how beautiful and brilliant was our backyard or our choice of flooring/deck around the pool,
that brown edge always was in the way...

Boring right?
I decided I was sick of it.

But to be sure, I went out and asked my Sims. Surprisingly, 100% of the respondents had the same reaction...
-What do you think of the amazingly pretty brown Pool edge, which you've been spoiled with for years?-

-What if I told you, that it could be hidden with a cement-like step, you seen in Real-Life community pools?-

-Well, here it is!-

Now, your Sims might spend even more time outside and brags about their gorgeous Pool to everyone...including other Sims from other games!
..Ok, or not.

This Set includes :
  • A curved edge that fits on the curved pool wall.
  • A straight edge that covers one square long.
  • A small accent corner.
  • A corner edge.
  • A diagonal straight edge that covers one diagonal square long.
  • A diagonal corner edge.
  • A aqua recolor.
  • A white cement Floor.
  • A aqua cement Floor.

Included as a separate zip as well, a Collection File and Icon.
Collection for both Residential & Community.

Some more details...

These Pool edges are cloned from a Seasons EP rug.
Seasons Expansion Pack is then required for these to show up in your game.
No Need MoveObjects On Cheat
No Need SnapObjectsToGrid set to False

You will find these Pool Edges in Build Mode/Miscellaneous/Swimming Pools.
Price : 1§
Both Floors will be found in Floors/Poured
They have the Sound type : Cement
Price : 4§
The texture used to create everything, comes from the game.
From a Floor name Graveltar. Texture which I edited, and made a recolor, of course.

Lighting is sometimes funny, but only in one direction, and only on the Straight piece. I was not able to fix this. Hopefully, you'll still have fun with it.
(see attached picture)

Let's Credit a bit...
Neighborhood Grass by Voeille
Pond & Sea Water Overhaul by Voeille
SunnySide Lots by Aelflaed

Polygon Counts:
Curved Master : 264
Straight : 38
Corner : 48
Small Corners : 120
Diagonal Straight : 38
Diagonal Corner : 48

Additional Credits:
SimPE, MilkShape 3D, PaintShop Pro, The game! MTS.