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4to2 - Bella's Red Dress

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Uploaded: 25th Jul 2014 at 6:54 PM
Bella Goth has been known for her strapless red dress since TS1, and she got an upgrade in TS4, with lovely shirring detail added to her distinctive red dress. So I've converted her dress textures from TS4 to TS2!

This "dress" is done as separates, the same way the original TS2 Bella dress worked. You will need to select the top and skirt separately, in Everyday clothing. The top uses my Untuckable Top Mesh - make sure you download it!, but the bottom is a base game mesh. I've left off the necklace and other jewelry that she wears in TS4, simply because those things are better added as accessories than to clothing.

Thanks to the TS4 toolmakers for figuring out the textures before TS4 is even out! And to EA, for making TS4 a lovely place to scavenge texture bits from.